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Laird to Exhibit Innovative Telematics Platform, IDAS Antennas at Mobile World Congress Americas

SAN FRANCISCO – Global connectivity leader Laird (LRD: London) will be displaying its newest vehicle telematics and sophisticated indoor distributed antennas systems (iDAS) and other products that make the wireless world work at Mobile World Congress Americas, September 12-14, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, it was announced today.

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A Laird é uma empresa multinacional de tecnologia concentrada em fornecer sistemas,componentes e soluções que protegem os equipamentos eletrônicos da interferência eletromagnética e calor, e que permitem conectividade em sistemas essenciais por meio de aplicativos sem fio e sistemas de antena.

Laird CEO Featured on National Radio Broadcast Discussing Connected Cars

Laird CEO discusses driverless cars on popular BBC4 Radio's Today program

Laird CEO David Lockwood was invited on the very popular BBC Radio 4 "Today" program to discuss the future of driverless cars.

With an audience of 7 million listeners in the U.K. the "Today" prgram the flagship news and current affairs broadcast. After acquiring Germany based automotive elctronics designers and manufacturer Novero, Laird is the leading global provider of end-to-end automotive connectivity services with solutions including antenna coupling and telematics control units as well as smart device integration products such as wireless charging.

Laird's Connected Hospital Featured in Wireless Design and Development Magazine

Connected Hospitals can increase efficiency and reduce medical errors

Deploying Wi-Fi networks in crowded environments like hospitals, industrial sites, or airports can present significant challenges. These areas however benefit greatly from leveraging the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) making the deployement of Wi-Fi networks a must.

Laird Wireless Product Featured in IoT Development Kit

One of Laird's recent acquisitions, L.S. Research (LSR), is already capturing the attention of developers for the Internet of Things (IoT). Avnet Inc (NYSE: AVT) is leveraging two different LSR products as well as connectivity to Laird's TiWi Connect cloud platform to help engineers and designers prototype new IoT devices. 

Dubbed the "LSR Wireless Shield," Avnet calls it "a low-cost platform with customizable sensor/ peripheral capabilities." This expansion board allows new wireless products to be tested for functionality and reliability prior to final production. Recognizes Laird's Global Leadership Development Program Recognizes Laird's Global Leadership Development Program

Every year evaluates the top leadership programs for companies across the globe. 

In 2016 Laird was recognized with a Leadership 500 Excellence Award for developing one of the most impactful leadership programs that was deployed in more than three countries. 

Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

Analysts are predicting there will be more than 11.6 billion connected devices across the globe by 2020. That's almost double the number in 2015. 

That's why companies everywhere are looking for ways to connect their products to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Laird Industrial Wireless Technology Seen As Increasing Workplace Safety

Laird's wireless industrial remote control and automation solutions can create a safer and more productive work place.

"Advances in wireless technology bring hardwired emergency-stop systems to a new level of safety to speed up response time, free operator constraints and expand applications," reads the subtitle of an article in The Journal, from Rockwell Automation, a leader in industrial automation and information products. 

Laird Electromagnetic Interference Experts Published in Design News

Laird Board Level Shield protects sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat.

As consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics continue to shrink, run faster, and have higher performance levels, EMI shielding, weight reduction, and heat dissipation will continue to challenge design engineers and OEMs across the country and around the globe and require innovative board-level shielding as well as close collaboration between design and manufacturing.

Laird's Industrial Remote Control Technology Lifting the Future of Industrial Crane Industry

Laird Industrial Wireless Remote Controls enable safer more productive work environments

"Radio remote control technology has become an integral part of the material lifting sector," states an article published in Hoist Magazine. 

The article, published in December of 2015, discusses recent advancements in the field of crane operations and cites Laird as a leader in driving industry advancements.