Rises in vehicle production combined with the increased use of electronic parts in each new vehicle being made places fresh demands on an already challenging industry.

Vehicle manufacturers, fleet owners, and individual drivers around the world have increasingly come to rely upon Laird’s antenna solutions and Telematics capabilities to deliver solutions for a range of different needs, for entertainment (including radio, mobile TV and WiFi), information (including satellite navigation, vehicle tracking and concierge services), and safety and security (including tire pressure sensing and anti-theft devices).

Our telematics products are supported by the world's broadest line of EMI, thermal interface, ferrite, metals and wireless antenna products, all designed to work together for optimal efficiency.

Asset tracking antennas and devices are low profile, high-performance, cost-effective solutions for mobile communications requirements.  Their small form factors allow easy installation virtually anywhere inside or outside a vehicle.

Telematics antennas for OEMs and consumer antenna applications include multi-band cellular phones and GPS in combination with Satellite Digital Audio Reception Systems (SDARS).

Smart antennas deliver outstanding performance by integrating antennas with radio transceivers, electronics, lowering installation cost and time.

With quick design assistance, rapid prototyping, in-house tool design, automated packaging and top quality systems, Laird offers industry-leading solutions to customers including major automobile manufacturers, service providers and integrators worldwide.