Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics manufacturers know that future success depends on being able to constantly innovate, to design products that are smaller, thinner, lighter and more reliable and desirable than ever before, and where time to market can give them serious competitive advantage. And that’s where we come in.

Laird’s unique mix of Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products, thermal interface materials (TIMs), and wireless antennas provides designers of consumer electronics with the components they need to bring competitive, reliable products to market on time and on the money. New generation flat panel televisions and displays, gaming devices and portable electronic devices like GPS units and music players are all powered by our innovations.

For flat panel TVs and displays, Laird provides Fabric-over-Foam (FoF) EMI gaskets, thermal interface materials, thermally conductive PCBs and heat spreaders for use on memory chips and other electronic components.

We also provide ferrite cable cores to suppress conducted noise in cables and board-level ferrite EMI products such as chip beads and inductors for signal line noise suppression. Noise emissions can further be reduced through the use of highly-engineered RF absorber materials on top of boards and chipsets.

For gaming devices, Laird delivers board-level shields, metals, FoF gaskets, TIMs (especially of the phase change type for hot processor chips), heat sinks and spring clips. For the most advanced processor boards and graphics chips, we provide thermoelectric coolers for the temperatures generated at very high speeds and power dissipation. For wireless gaming, we design wireless antennas as well as ancillary products such as WiFi adaptors.  Laird also provides RF absorber and ferrite EMI solutions, as well as ferrite cable cores used in power and data cables. Whatever your need, the speed with which we can deliver our thinking, and the reliability if the products we design, will help you stay ahead of the game.