Rail Remote Control Solutions

Keep your Rail Operations Moving Efficiently and Safely with Laird Solutions for Rail

Whether your operations moves materials in a yard or across the continent, keeping your operations moving efficiently and your rail operators safe is a key ingredient to your business’ success. With the demands of today's environments, you're looking to maximize resources and analyze data to make more informed business decisions. At Laird, we've been providing rail companies like yours solutions that make sense for decades.

Our locomotive remote control solutions are used by many rail companies all over the world to seamlessly connect their assets, protect their people, and transform their business.

Long Haul Rail Solutions

Advanced machine and operator control solutions allow railyard operations to become more responsive and efficient.

Private and Industrial Rail Solutions

Right-sized for industrial environments, you can control the movement of rail cars through your facility ensuring the safety and productivity increases that support your business.

Analytics and Data Solutions

Providing a robust set of functions and features designed for rail environments allows rail operators to monitor movement and activity of locomotives with ease.

Services and Support Solutions

Ensure your asset investment stays viable for the life of your needs with advanced services, helpdesk, warranty, training, and real-time support delivered by Laird’s award-winning team.