Material Handling & EOT Crane

Mobilize your workforce – safely – with Laird Solutions for Industrial markets

Your industrial facility moves, every hour of every day. Safety and mobility are paramount. Whether its keeping your workers safe to do their jobs more efficiently, keeping your workloads safe and operations efficient, overhead cranes, machines, and people are the cornerstone of your business. At Laird, we’ve been designing for your success for decades.

Proven, dependable, trusted solutions that are used every hour of every day – worldwide; you can trust Laird to seamlessly connect your assets, protect your people, and transform your business.

Material Handling

Industrial Automation

Data and Analytics

Service and Support

Advanced machine and operator control solutions allow plant floor operations to become more responsive and efficient. 

Laird has applications for your environment: steel and metals, agriculture, ports and marine, aerospace and aeronautical, and more.

Purpose built controls solutions that create the responsive environment for your workforce while ensuring the safety and productivity increases that support your business.

Applications span the industry: automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, agriculture, pulp and paper, construction and heavy equipment, mining, and many more.

Coming Soon! Data tools and analytics designed to help your operations staff make more informed decisions. Ensure your asset investment stays viable for the life of your needs with advanced services, helpdesk, warranty, training, and real-time support delivered by Laird’s award-winning team.