Material Handling & EOT Crane

Material Handling Applications

The following are a few of the many material handling solutions provided by Laird.

Aerospace Manufacturing Mining and Smelting
Swine Production
Mailing and Sorting Equipment Control
Tractor Operation
Paper Production
Amusement Ride Safety Stop 
Ride Control
Automotive Manufacturing
Petroleum Production
Manufacturing Process Control
Tuggers Safety Stop 
Safety Explosive/Flammable Environments
Construction Power and Gas Utilities
Paving Equipment
Truck Equipment Control
Soil Compaction Control
Gantry Crane Control
Concrete Pump Control
Vacuum Truck Control
Pre-Cast Concrete Manufacturing
Mobile Crane Control
Conveyor Safety Stop
Metal Manufacturing

EOT Crane Applications

Overhead Crane Control - Support Waste Management
Overhead Crane Control - Repair Process Control
Overhead Crane Control - Maintenance
Overhead Crane Control - Operations
Monorail Crane Control - Galvanizing

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