Industrial Remote Control & Communication Systems

As an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of wireless automation and control solutions, Laird delivers a full range of cost-effective, reliable and robust communication and remote control products, focused on improving safety and efficiency and productivity in machine operations.

Our CattronControl™ wireless remote control systems provide customers with improved safety, flexibility and streamlined workflows, whilst the Laird SiamNet communication system helps to create a safer, more efficient mining environment by combining conventional two-way radio technology with high-speed data transmission.

We can provide comprehensive solutions for any industry, with products ranging from joystick and toggle controls to collision avoidance systems and communication products. They are ideal for operators of locomotives, railcar movers, ship loaders, overhead bridge cranes, mining and a variety of material handling and mobile equipment.

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Industrial Remote Control & Communication Systems

Success Story - Laird Safe-T-Stop

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Theme parks are well-known for exhilarating amusement rides. Riders safety is paramount and time to respond is critical. Laird safety controllers have been implemented in theme parks on some attractions as a means of added safety for the park goers.


Challenge—Need to significantly decrease response time while also maintaining constant communication for safety shutdown

Architectural Precast Innovations

The Challenge

The heavy task of manufacturing precast concrete involves repetitive movement of very large, very heavy walls of concrete which uses two 20 ton overhead crane systems repeatedly throughout the day.

Finding a remote control solution that didn't frequently break was an issue for API which was experiencing every type of issue imaginable with their two different remote systems in their main facility. The delay for repairs often cost them a month or more and their back-up pendant system created work delays that were unsustainable.

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Success Story - Laird Remote Control Systems - Modernizing the World's Aerospace Industry

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The world relies on air travel. From commercial jetliners to military aircraft and even aerospace; the importance of using the latest technology advancements is paramount to ensuring the safety of manufacturing processes and the clients end-user passengers—human or scientific.

Laird remote control solutions is key component in today’s most advanced processes.

SUCCESS STORY - Laird™ Remtron™ Solutions are Powerful for Energy Facility

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At a power facility near Grand Rapids, MN, large amounts of coal are delivered, stored, and ultimately are used in the process of creating electricity.

Moving the massive daily tonnage of coal requires several conveyors and machines in an endless cycle of transferring from one location to the next.

Maximize the value of remote control assets

As one of North America’s largest Class 1 rail companies, Norfolk Southern utilizes a complex network of rail yards to help support its thriving operations. Each of these yards has its own fleet of remote control locomotives to control and manage the flow of cargo on its main rail lines. Keeping track of these assets and monitoring their usage is critical to maintaining safe and efficient operations. With Laird’s Tasverii™ for Rail monitoring and analytics software, Norfolk Southern has discovered numerous opportunities to improve productivity: