Stop Everything.

Anytime. Everywhere.

Laird™ Safe-E-Stop™ Protects Your People with SIL 3 Safety

In an emergency, more than a few seconds’ delay can have catastrophic results. The Laird Safe-E-Stop system protects your work teams with wireless personal e-stop devices, extending and enhancing your existing safety systems. With Safe-E-Stop, you supplement your hard-wired emergency stop system with SIL 3-level workplace safety, easily and cost-effectively.


Maximize workplace safety with personal e-stop devices

  • Integrate SIL 3 relays within the operation
  • Minimizes downtime & protects crucial systems from damage
  • Cost-effective way to leverage existing infrastructure investment


Split-second e-stop response with work-shift battery life

  • Complete system: one master MSD connects with up to five PSDs, simultaneously
  • Immediate & constant access to emergency stop button
  • 12+ hours of battery life with rapid charge solution


Quick and easy integration into wired safety systems

  • Extends e-stop coverage within your operation, where your people work
  • Operating range up to 100 meters
  • Convenient, hip-carried unit for fastest emergency response


Emergency Stop. From Every Angle.

Laird has engineered the Safe-E-Stop system to meet IEC 61508 requirements for SIL 3 safety, with key features to help you save valuable seconds, critical equipment and even lives.

  1. High impact rubber bumper (available in multiple colors)
  2. Twist release e-stop switch
  3. Two-step enable switch
  4. Status LEDs, LCD and haptic feedback
  5. Rechargeable lithium battery with 12+ hour operating life & rapid charge
  6. IP67 housing for reliable operation in tough environments

  1. 15 addressable PSDs per MSDD
  2. Up to five linked/active PSDs at any time
  3. Redundant e-stop and communication loss safety relays
  4. RF antenna port
  5. RJ45 Ethernet/IP port with AOP available
  6. 24V DC input power


The Value of Safety

A position for emergency stop systems This position paper from Laird asks a key question: What value would you place on a viable and economical way to improve industrial safety in your operations.