Customized Connectivity. Seamless Technology.

In a world where electronics continue to transform the way we work and live, Laird understands how to enable customers to successfully innovate and communicate.

We are a leader in developing customized antennas, remote control communication systems, Bluetooth and wireless technologies for diverse applications. We enable customers to securely connect devices without compromising reliability, speed or performance. Each of our solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of our customers and support communication across multiple environments.

Powered for the Future.

Our skilled engineers work wherever our customers are to help design connectivity products for a broad range of market needs. Specializing in end-to-end capabilities, we partner with clients across every stage of product development-from conception to production-to deliver groundbreaking solutions that are shaping the future of connected technology.


Contact an engineer through our customer service center to discuss application designs or learn more about our product development services.


Enable your devices with cutting-edge technologies

Featured Product: 60 Series Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules

If you struggle with connecting devices in challenging RF environments, our new 60 Series Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules can provide a flexible, future-ready solution. Powered by the Marvell 88W8997 chipset, the 60 Series achieves the best possible connectivity and performance in any RF setting. The series is equipped with hardware for Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards, which makes it a highly effective, lower-power module that will deliver cutting-edge capabilities to your products

Removing Wires. Increasing Performance.

By 2020, 6.1 billion smartphone users--roughly 75% of the world's population-- will use smarthphones, according to a mobility report from Ericsson. This continuous use of smartphones increases the risk of experiencing a dead battery,  making vehicle charging even more essential for smart phone users on the road.  Learn how our Connected Vehicle Solutions are transforming wireless charging and smart phone integration for today's advanced automobile.