Case Studies

We deliver connectivity and EMI solutions to high profile clients across multiple industries; from medical and automotive to mobile devices and telecommunications. Our solutions give customers a competitive edge—see how we are answering their needs and leading the conversation on technological advancements and capabilities.

Laird Connectivity Solutions Helps Advantech DLoG Bring WLAN to the Harshest Industrial Environments Worldwide

Advantech DLoG Rugged PCs, Computers, and Tablets Utilize Laird’s Innovative Wi-Fi Modules to Provide Intelligent Solutions for Extremely Challenging Industrial Environments

The industrial sector is considered one of the most dynamic parts of the electronics industry, with a broad range of solutions for an equally broad range of applications. In this fiercely competitive industry, it is critical to bring solutions to market quickly, while also meeting the growing demands for quality and safety. Due to ever growing maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and regulations, the need for operational efficiency is also on the rise.

Architectural Precast Innovations

The Challenge

The heavy task of manufacturing precast concrete involves repetitive movement of very large, very heavy walls of concrete which uses two 20 ton overhead crane systems repeatedly throughout the day.

Finding a remote control solution that didn't frequently break was an issue for API which was experiencing every type of issue imaginable with their two different remote systems in their main facility. The delay for repairs often cost them a month or more and their back-up pendant system created work delays that were unsustainable.

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Maximize the value of remote control assets

As one of North America’s largest Class 1 rail companies, Norfolk Southern utilizes a complex network of rail yards to help support its thriving operations. Each of these yards has its own fleet of remote control locomotives to control and manage the flow of cargo on its main rail lines. Keeping track of these assets and monitoring their usage is critical to maintaining safe and efficient operations. With Laird’s Tasverii™ for Rail monitoring and analytics software, Norfolk Southern has discovered numerous opportunities to improve productivity:

Quick-Turn Tooling From Model Solution

With acquisition of South Korea-based Model Solution, Laird is committed to providing the highest quality products while delivering all aspects of innovation, reliable fulfillment and speed to give customers reliability in manufacturing, leading designs with superior service and speed of delivery.  
Being located near key customers and having the ability to turn around prototypes within hours, Model Solution’s rapid prototyping capabilities enhances existing design innovation and manufacturing proficiencies within Laird to deliver a wider portfolio of capabilities to customers. 

California Highway Patrol Radio Communications System Wideband, Lowband Rugged Antenna Solution

The California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) mission is to provide the highest level of safety, service and security to the people of California. As the largest state police agency in the United States, the CHP serves a large geographic area.