Bluetooth v3.0 Audio

The BTM510/511 is a low-power Bluetooth module from Laird designed for integrating robust audio and voice capabilities to OEM devices. Based on the market-leading Cambridge Silicon Radio BC05 chipset, these modules provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range. Supporting Bluetooth Version 2.1+EDR specification, these modules provide the important advantage of Simple Secure Pairing (SSP) that improves security and enhances easy use. BTM510/511 modules come standard with SBC, AAC and apt-X audio codec support for high quality stereo audio applications. BTM511 variants available.

Note: The BTM510-xx variant has reached end of production and is available on a limited basis only. Only the BTM510 part numbers are affected. Find the End of Life Announcement in the Documentation tab below.

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The compact size of the modules makes them ideal for battery-powered or headset form factor audio and voice devices. With a 16-bit stereo codec and microphone inputs to support both stereo and mono applications, these modules also contain a fully, integrated Bluetooth-qualified stack along with SPP, HFP 1.5 (HFP 1.6 in firmware, HSP, AVRCP (AVRCP 1.5 in firmware, and A2DP profiles.

The BTM510 modules include an embedded 32-bit, 64-MIPS DSP core within the BC05. This allows designers to add significant product enhancements including features such as echo cancellation, noise reduction, and audio enhancement using additional soft codecs. The availability of the 16 MB of flash memory in the module allows complex functionality to be supported.

• Fully featured Bluetooth multimedia chipset

• Bluetooth v2.1+EDR

• Supports mono and stereo headset applications

• apt-X Audio Codec provided free of charge

• Adaptive frequency hopping to cope with interference from other wireless devices

• 32-bit Kalimba DSP for enhanced audio applications

• Support for secure simple pairing

• External or internal antenna options

• HSP, HFP, SPP A2DP, and AVRCP audio profiles

• 16-bit stereo codec and microphone input

• AptX, AAC and SBC codecs supported

• CVC audio enhancement supported

• EIR fully supported

Industrial temperature range

• Integrated audio amplifiers for driving stereo speaker

• Comprehensive AT interface for simple programming

• Bluetooth End Product qualified

• Compact size

• Class 2 output – 4 dBm

• Low power operation

• WLAN co-existence hardware support

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