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Accessing Performance Between Spatially Separated SISO and Co-located MIMO Antennas Within a MIMO System.

When planning an in-building network, antenna selection is typically based on uniform and symmetrical radiation characteristics as measured in a free space environment. In a real world environment, however, these radiated characteristics are significantly altered by interferers such as obstructions and multipath. To mitigate the latter, MIMO systems replaced SISO systems to improve throughput and hence network capacity.


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The Connected Highway

Both the connected car and highway are complex RF environments. While OEMs will have a key role in developing their own value proposition of the connected car, the premise of it remains very much the same. Enabling a safer, more efficient highway system while empowering motorists through data is certainly the future of the automotive industry, but many more steps need to occur before it can be fully realized. Both the connected highway and its connected car stand to benefit from a robust end-to-end infrastructure that allows the efficient process and propagation of life-critical, actionable data.

The Connected Hospital: The Healthcare Landscape is Changing

With increasing hospital admissions, administrators are increasingly seeking to create models of healthcare deployment that provide value for money, are economic, scalable, secure and, above all, efficient. 

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BLE and Laird's BL6x0 Series & BT900 Modules: A Guide to Security and Privacy

A technical guide to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the additional security and privacy capabilities that Laird's BL600, BL620, and BT900 provide. 

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