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Our highly experienced teams are expert in overcoming even the most complex challenges, putting our in-depth knowledge of the latest materials and processes to work in designing outstandingly reliable products and applications for our customers.  Learn how we are addressing industry issues by delivering innovative solutions that get results.

Optimizing Operation at 5 GHz

As the traditional 2.4 GHz operating band for IEEE 802.11-compliant Wi-Fi wireless local area networking becomes more crowded, network administrators increasingly look to the less crowded 5 GHz operating band to improve or maintain network performance and reliability. This is especially necessary in industrial Wi-Fi deployments which present greater operational challenges and more stringent requirements than residential and commercial Wi-Fi networks.

Testing Wi-Fi Functionality in Medical Devices

Hospitals present challenges to reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and many medical device applications require secure and persistent network connections.To ensure reliable functionality, a Wi-Fi radio that is embedded in a medical device must be tested thoroughly. But where, and how?

The Value of Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) for Mobile Computers

IEEE and industry standards define how a Wi-Fi radio interoperates with a wireless LAN infrastructure, and the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ seal ensures interoperability. For many organizations that rely on mobile computers, however, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is not enough. These organizations need assurance that their mobile computers will interoperate with a Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure and support Cisco wireless LAN innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management. The Cisco Compatible seal gives organizations the assurance that they seek.

Embedded Wireless White Papers

Latest Embedded Wireless White Papers: 

Tlam OptoTEC

Laird's OptoTEC series of miniature thermoelectric modules (TEMs) is made using Laird Tlam circuit boards instead of traditional ceramic-based circuit boards. All TEMs consist of pellets of semiconductor material soldered between two circuit board substrates. Tlam is a laminated circuit board product capable of transporting heat to and from the semiconductor pellets while providing excellent heat spreading, improved reliability and low cost in high volume. This white paper discusses the performance, reliability, advantages and limitations of OptoTEC TEMs made using Tlam in addition to describing other new products using Tlam that are currently in development.

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