RM024 Series


The RM024 RAMP module is based on Laird's LT2510 core technology, enhanced with a new RF front end for improved sleep, improved link budget and a switchable antenna output. With its field-proven FHSS air interface protocol, the RM024 rejects RF noise, excels in multipath scenarios, allows for co-located systems, and provides an extremely reliable communication link. It also provides a more robust, but simpler, link than ZigBee for RF applications that do not require a mesh topology.

Note: Some variants of the RM024 and related DVK and SDK variants have reached end of production and are available on a limited basis only. Find the End of Life Announcement in the Documentation tab below. Only the following part numbers are available:

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With a throughput of up to 500 Kb/s, RM024 delivers speedy data rates. In addition, variable output power options (up to +21 dBm) enable communication over distances that aren’t achievable with competing technologies. Ultra-low power modes options and Tx/Rx power consumption make the RM024 ideal for power-restrictive or battery-operated applications. The mini SMT package excels in space-constrained designs and is available in pick-and-place packaging for volume manufacturing.


• Retries and acknowledgements

• Configurable network parameters

• Multiple generic I/O

• 280 kbps or 500 kbps RF data stream

• Idle current draw of 9.5 mA, sleep current of .38 uA

• Baud rates from 1200 bps to 230.4 kbps

• Upgradable firmware via serial port

• Low cost, low power, and small size i(deal for high volume, portable, and battery powered applications)

• Qualified for industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)

• Advanced configuration via AT commands

• Fully-featured configuration and test utility software

• Switchable antenna output (integrated or u.FL external)

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