The RM024 RAMP module is based on Laird's LT2510 core technology, enhanced with a new RF front end for improved sleep, improved link budget and a switchable antenna output. The RM024 is available in two versions, one with 125 mW maximum conducted output power and approved for North American and similar markets and one with 10 mW maximum conducted output power and approved for European and similar markets. These modules are identical except for output power, transmit power consumption, and the number of RF Channels available. Differences between the two versions, where applicable, will be denoted based on part number. Enhanced API commands provide packet routing control and network intelligence. With its field-proven FHSS air interface protocol, the RM024 rejects RF noise, excels in multipath scenarios, allows for co-located systems, and provides an extremely reliable communication link. It also provides a more robust, but simpler, link than ZigBee for RF applications that do not require a mesh topology.



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With a throughput of up to 280 Kb/s, RM024 delivers speedy data rates. In addition, variable output power options (up to +21 dBm) enable communication over distances that aren’t achievable with competing technologies. At the same time, a range of ultra-low power modes plus low Tx/Rx power consumption make the RM024 ideal for power-restrictive or battery-operated applications. The mini SMT package is well-suited for space-constrained designs and is available in pick-and-place packaging for volume manufacturing.

Available RM024 Products:

• RM024-P10-C-20

• RM024-P10-M-20

• RM024-P125-C-01

• RM024-P125-M-01

• RM024-S10-C-20

• RM024-S10-M-20

• RM024-S125-M-01

• Retries and acknowledgements

• Configurable network parameters

• Multiple generic I/O

• 280 kbps or 500 kbps RF data stream

• Idle current draw of 9.5 mA, sleep current of .38 uA

• Software selectable interface baud rates from 1200 bps to 230.4 kbps

• Upgradable FW through serial port

• Low cost, low power, and small size ideal for high volume, portable, and battery powered applications

• All modules are qualified for an industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)

• Advanced configuration available using AT commands

• Easy to use Configuration & Test Utility software

• Switchable antenna output, either integrated antenna or external antenna through U.FL

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