Railcar Movers


Railcar Movers

Based on the RCL II, Portable Radio Remote Control (PRRC) provides the safety, function and performance you expect for all railcar moving operations. PRRC offers safe and efficient control of switching, coupling and disconnection and ensures complete control regardless of any coupling arrangement.


The solution allows only one operator on the ground to effectively control any switching operation with the PRRC. The system provides the all-important extra margin of safety by enabling the operator to input all commands out of harm's way while having greater visibility along the length of the train.


The Railcar Mover solution is designed for instantaneous system troubleshooting. Should an emergency stop be required, the system responds immediately. With its powerful multi processor system, it provides high message data security along with simultaneous and independent data signal processing of all incoming commands.

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Multiple systems can operate on one frequency

Up to 48 inputs and 96 outputs allow for complete customization

Long " ride through" time during power supply interruptions

Responds rapidly to operator commands

Extensive data logging, hardcopy printout with time and date stamp

Extensive EMI/RFI protection

Complete diagnostics on power-up

Individually fused and isolated outputs

Single-point status display shows normal and fault conditions in plain English

Accessible components allow for ease of maintenance

Can be configured with different controller (transmitter) styles

Available Options


Range Extension

Close Start,

Digital Talkback with "InfoLink" - True two-way digital communication between the Operator Control Unit (OCU) and the Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) through text display and function LED's on the OCU.

PC compatible diagnostic software

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