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The Cattron AT16LHD and AT32LHD portable remote control systems provide reliable, efficient and convenient control of LHD equipment. This control system duplicates the manual controls in the cab of the load-haul-dump, allowing the operator to direct the equipment from a safer location.


Joystick Controller Features
• Quick response
• Accurate, secure radio control
• CE, FCC and DOC approved (contact factory for other approvals)
• Microprocessor control
• Extensive self-diagnostics
• Long battery operating life (NiCad rechargeable or alkaline)
• Dustproof, waterproof high impact housings


Receiver/Decoder Features
• Designed to be mounted on high vibration mining machinery
• AT16LHD incorporates 16 independent functions, plus run on/off outputs
• AT32LHD offers up to 5 digital proportional functions, plus up to 7 independent, as well as run
• Systems also available with custom PWM (pulse width modulation) configurations
• Multiple watchdog circuits
• 2-digit system status display (acts as a central test point)
• Automatic Safety Override (ASO) output monitoring
• Addressing and time sharing to permit multiple units to share each radio frequency
• Extremely high message security
• Extensive self diagnostics
• BCH data error
• Auto select 12-24 VDC input power supply
• Compatible with Autodig™
• Optional joystick controller/transmitter styles with fiberglass or aluminum dustproof, waterproof high impact housings

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