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Portable Radio Remote Controls allow operators of Feeder Breakers to choose the safest position with the best vantage point from which to operate. This means safer, more efficient operation, increased production and lower operating costs. Laird?AT system is at the heart of the MSHA-approved Feeder Breaker system which is engineered and built to operate reliably in the harsh environment of an underground mine. The toggle-type controller has a unique shape and style that provides the operator with a controller that is durable, lightweight, ergonomic, and convenient. It has a highly advanced encoder circuit board which is built using industrial grade components, a powerful microcomputer, and sophisticated operating software. All components are protected by a thick-walled, epoxy-coated extruded aluminum case. The ends of the housing are rubberized metal plates that make shock absorbing end "bumpers". Only the highest quality mil-spec toggle switches are used and have been field-tested and proven under extreme conditions. The Feeder Breaker system is built with?Laird 60+ years of RF experience. Its dependability and high signal integrity ensure that your production will continue with the highest possible safety and reliability. Every roof bolter radio remote control system is backed by?Laird unparalleled service and support. For complete details and specifications call our nearest office or representative.

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•POWER ON/OFF SWITCH – When the switch is set to ‘ON’, internal battery power is applied to an RF transmitter within the toggle controller.

•ESTOP PUSHBUTTON - This momentary pushbutton stops all functions and is the quickest way to shut down the Machine. Once pressed to stop all machine motion, the POWER ON/OFF Switch must be turned ‘OFF’ then back to ‘ON’ to resume operation of the machine.

•PUSH-TO-OPERATE (PTO) BAR - This bar is a large, full length, spring-return switch located on top of the unit that is used as a safety device that electronically disconnects all motion switches when it is released, thus stopping motion commands from these switches. The switch is easily and naturally activated by a convenient and comfortable part of the operator’s hand and must be pressed before and held when commanding movement of the ‘TRAM’ and the ‘BOOM’. It should be noted that operation of the PTO bar is not required to select ‘TRAM MODE’ or ‘BOOM MODE’.

•TRANSMIT & LOW BATTERY LED – Located on top of the controller, this LED is part of the battery management system and flashes green when the controller’s Power ON/OFF Switch is set to ‘ON’ and the controller is transmitting with a good battery installed. The LED flashes red when the battery is low and sounds a beeper to alert the operator. In addition, a low battery cut-off circuit stops the controller micro-processor when voltage goes below safe operating range. This is because RF transmitters always operate at full power over the entire life of the battery.

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