Electrically Insulating

Tgard 20
Tgard 20 Image

Low Cost, Medium Performance Insulator Material The Tgard 20 is designed to solve over heating...

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Tgard 200
Tgard 200 Image

The Tgard 200 is a high performance interface pad. Consisting of a silicone/boron nitride composite...

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Tgard 300
Tgard 300 Image

Tgard 300 is a medium thermal performance insulator pad consisting of a ceramic high temperature...

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Tgard 3000
Tgard 3000 Image

HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMAL INTERFACE PRODUCTS Tgard 3000 is specifically designed to solve...

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Tgard 400
Tgard 400 Image

Electrically insulating, thermally conductive material Tgard 400 is a medium thermal performance...

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Tgard 500
Tgard 500 Image

Thicker Thermal Insulator Pad Prevents Electrical Shorts In Automotive Electronics Applications...

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Tgard 5000
Tgard 5000 Image

Thermally conductive electrically insulative material Tgard 5000 is an excellent dielectric...

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Tgard K52
Tgard K52 Image

High Thermal and Dielectric Performance Insulator Pad Tgard K52 is a high thermal and dielectric...

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Tgard TNC-4
Tgard TNC-4 Image

Low Cost, Medium Performance Insulator Material In Automotive Electronics Applications Tgard TNC-4...

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