Thermal Gap Fillers

Tflex 200
Tflex 200 Image

Tflex 200 V0 is a very soft, freestanding gap filler that is more compliant than most other gap ...

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Tflex 200TV0
Tflex 200TV0 Image

Tflex 200T V0 is a specially formulated thin gap filler thermal interface material designed for...

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Tflex 300 Series
TFLEx 300 Image

Tflex 300, at pressures of 50psi, will deflect to over 50% the original thickness. This highrate of...

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Tflex 300TG
Tflex 300TG Image

The high rate of compliancy of Tflex 300TG allows the material to “totally blanket”the component,...

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Tflex 500
TFLEx 500 Image

Compliant 2.8 W/mK Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Tflex 500 is a compliant elastomer gap filler...

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Tflex 600
TFLEx 600 Image

EXCEPTIONALLY SOFT, HIGHLY COMPLIANT GAP FILLERTflex 600 is an exceptionally soft, highly compliant...

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Tflex 700
TFLEx 700 Image

HIGHEST THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY COMPLIANT GAP FILLERTflex 700 is a 5 W/mK soft gap filler thermal...

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Tflex CR200
Tflex CR200 Image

TWO-PART CURE IN PLACE GAP FILLER Tflex CR200 is a two-part silicone-based thermal gap filler tha t...

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Tflex HR200
Tflex HR200 Image

Tflex HR200 is a cost-effective and compliant gap filler thermal interface material withexcellent...

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Tflex HR400 Image

MID-PERFORMANCE GAP FILLER WITH 1.8 W/MK   Tflex HR400 is a cost-effective and compliant gap filler...

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TFLEx HR600 Image

Mid-Performance Gap Filler with 3 W/mKTflex HR600 is a cost-effective and compliant gap filler...

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Tflex SF600
Tflex SF600 Image

Compliant Silicone-Free 3.0 W/mK thermally conductive Gap Filler Tflex SF600 is a high performance...

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