Combination Board Level Shielding

Laird Technologies offers a robust and diverse product line of combination shields that offers two or more technologies combined into one convenient application. These combination shields were developed to address the growing cost of redesign. Laird Technologies combination products offer reduced part count, improved performance, and size reduction to benefit your designs, lower cost, and reduce time to market.

Laird Technologies uniquely can provide multi-compartment shields to cover multiple board areas simultaneously. These shields are made by molding conductive elastomer walls onto metal shield cans to provide any compartment geometry needed. In addition, even more complex applications involve welding spring contact/fingerstock to shield cans to seal compartments in ultra-low profile applications.

Some of Laird Technologies’ popular combination shields include the Microwave Board-Level Shield, which is a combination of a microwave absorber with board-level shielding and will absorb or suppress high-frequency interference, enabling the board to be more effective at high frequencies.

To address applications where heat needs to be removed and where board-level shielding is also required, Laird Technologies is incorporating thermal interface materials with board-level shields. Adding a gap filler material with high thermal conductivity between the electronic component and board-level shield cools the component by transferring heat efficiently to the shield, which acts as a heat spreader.

Laird Technologies is the only company that has such a range of technologies and who can effectively use them to provide industry-leading solutions while being the complete source for all combination shielding solutions.

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