RAMP ISM Modules

Range Amplified MultiPoint (RAMP) modules provide the perfect solution for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications where the need is to transmit serial data over long distances, wirelessly, with the highest degree of reliability. RAMP modules utilize Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to provide immunity to interference and multipath in industrial applications. They are capable of operating in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network and can support a virtually unlimited number of nodes in a network. To see a comparison of all our RAMP products, read our Embedded RAMP Line Card and our RAMP Wireless Solutions Line Card.

RAMP modules utilize two unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands from 902 Mhz- 928 MHz and 2.402 GHz – 2.4835 GHz. While specific frequency bands vary from country to country, in general the 900 MHz band is available for use in North America and Australia and on a restricted basis in Brazil. The 2.4 GHz band is considered worldwide, though approval in individual countries is still subject to restrictions. Laird also seeks FCC (United States), IC (Canada) and CE (Europe) approval for modules as appropriate, significantly decreasing the burden on the OEM developer. All are backed by our 5 Year Limited Lifetime warranty.

AC4490 Image

Laird compact AC4490 900MHz radio modules replace miles of cable in harsh industrial environments....

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AC4490-1x1 Image

Laird tiny AC4490-1x1 radio modules put the power of wireless into the smallest, most cost-...

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AC4790 - 200A
AC4790 Image

The high-performance AC4790 radio modules utilize Laird's “masterless” protocol, allowing each...

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AC4868 Image

The compact AC4868-250 868MHz transceiver can replace miles of cable in harsh industrial...

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CL024 Image

The CL024 transceiver is a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio designed for license-free...

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CL2510 Image

Proprietary communications protocol for secure data transmissions FHSS technology for reliable...

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CL4424 Image

ConnexLink stand-alone radio modules are set up in minutes to cut the cables between RS232 or RS485...

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CL4490 Image

ConnexLinkTM stand-alone radio modules set up in minutes to virtually cut the cables between USB...

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CL4790 Image

ConnexLink stand-alone radio modules are set up in minutes to cut the cables between RS232 or RS485...

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LT1110 Image

Laird’s third generation 915 MHz FHSS module sets yet another standard for industrial RF...

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RAMP Bridge
RAMP Bridge Image

Laird’s RAMP Bridge provides a simple, high-performance Wireless Ethernet cable replacement system...

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RM024 Image

The RM024 RAMP module is based on Laird's LT2510 core technology, enhanced with a new RF front end...

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