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Laird’s Wi-Fi solutions comprise hardware, software, certifications, and support services to help bring technology to life and ensure optimum performance in all business-critical mobile devices, however challenging the environment. To see a comparison of all our Wi-Fi products, view our Wi-Fi Line Card. All are backed by our 5 Year Limited Lifetime warranty.


Our hardware innovations enable Wi-Fi modules and cards to provide superior RF range while minimizing power consumption. Key hardware capabilities include:

  • Form Factor: Wi-Fi modules and cards are available in a variety of standard and customized form factors for use in applications from vehicle-mounted terminals to small, light handhelds and wrist-mounted devices.
  • Dual-Band Support: While Wi-Fi G solutions operate only in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, Wi-Fi AG solutions support both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, maximizing flexibility in the deployment and management of mobile devices.
  • Antenna Diversity: Every Wi-Fi solution supports transmit and receive diversity to maximize performance in high multipath environments.
  • Range: The enhanced transmit and receive capabilities and maximized delay spread of Laird's Wi-Fi radio modules and cards maximize the range from infrastructure at which a reliable connection can be maintained.
  • Low Power Consumption: Boosting range often increases power consumption, but our Wi-Fi modules and cards maximize battery life to better provide for full-shift operation.
  • Extended Operating Temperature: To allow for operation in extreme environments such as factories, warehouses, freezers, and the outdoors, our Wi-Fi modules and cards provide an extended operating temperature range.


Business-critical mobile devices require specialized software to deliver the security, trouble-free operations, and manageability that customers require. Out Wi-Fi software includes a device driver, an integrated 802.1x security supplicant, and a full-featured management and monitoring utility called the Laird Connection Manager (LCM), formerly the Summit Client Utility (SCU). Key software capabilities include:

  • Operating System Support: Laird's software ensures trouble-free operation on a device that runs any supported version of Windows Embedded CE, Windows Mobile, or Windows XP.
  • Connectivity and Roaming: Wi-Fi software ensures that a device obtains a secure wireless network connection quickly and maintains that connection reliably, even as the device moves among the areas covered by different access points. The voice-quality roaming supported by Laird's Wi-Fi software is sufficient for even the most latency-sensitive data application. For details, read our white paper on mobility.
  • Security: Every reliable Wi-Fi network connection can be secured with WPA2-Enterprise (IEEE 802.11i) security using one of six popular EAP types and AES-CCMP encryption. Other authentication and encryption methods are supported, too. For more information on Wi-Fi security, read our white paper titled, Wi-Fi Client Device Security and Compliance with PCI DSS.
  • CCX: Because Laird Wi-Fi software supports all required features of Version 4 of the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) specification, every Laird Wi-Fi solution is certified for CCX V4. For details on CCX for mobile devices, read our related white paper on on this topic.
  • Administration: LCM enables a user to view and an administrator to configure all radio operation and security settings. LCM also enables a user or administrator to view status and troubleshoot issues. LCM is built on a published application programming interface than can be leveraged by other applications such as Wavelink Avalanche for remote management.
  • Integration: Laird provides device vendors with a manufacturing utility that allows them to set regulatory parameters such as channel set and maximum transmit power to provide for world-wide compliance across multiple platforms.
  • Upgrades: Laird regulatory provides software upgrades to enhance the features, capabilities, and usability of our radio modules and cards. Laird provides these upgrades free of charge to qualified device OEMs.

With LCM, users and administrators have complete control over key radio parameters including transmit power and SSID as well as security parameters inclusive of encryption and authentication. LCM supports multiple network profiles to allow for device operation in multiple facilities.


Laird Wi-Fi solutions can be used worldwide because they comply with all applicable regulations as set forth by agencies such as ETSI, the FCC, and TELEC. Laird provides software for all relevant IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance standards as well as Cisco innovations. Our wireless solutions are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ and certified for CCX V4.

Helping our customers achieve these certifications for their Laird-equipped devices is part of our product, our solution and our responsibility. With the existing grants, test reports and approvals for our family of wireless LAN modules, Laird can minimize the cost, time and complexity of attaining all required certifications. Please review our product-specific certification pages for more information.

Support Services

Embedded Wireless Solutions Technical Support Laird provides engineer-to-engineer integration assistance to device manufacturers, as well as consultation and documentation to aid in custom device driver and application development. In addition, Laird support extends to our Wi-Fi radio module and card operation in the field.

Laird's system engineering team provides Level 2 technical support to device vendors and are well versed in radio frequency characteristics, wired and wireless network architectures, and security protocols.

Contact Laird Wireless Support: ews.support@lairdtech.com or visit the Embedded Wireless Support Center.

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