Wire Mesh & Knitted Gaskets

Laird's wide range of metallic wire mesh and knitted materials deliver effective, low-cost, high-shield EMI gasket solutions for many applications and environments. Our knitted gaskets – which provide long lasting resiliency with versatile mounting options - can be made from a variety of metal wires, including monel, tin-plated copper clad-steel or aluminium, and are available in multiple shapes and sizes to suite demand. 

Popular product lines include:

  • ElectroNit All Mesh - the most economical gasket for low cycling applications, designed to offer the highest levels of attenuation. 
  • UltraSoft Knit – which offers close-knit stitch of the metallized nylon, a highly effective EMI shield and a smooth, soft surface. 
  • UltraFlex Copper Beryllium (CuBe) Mesh – which provides best-in-class resiliency for consistent, point-to-point contact whilst requiring the lowest compression forces among all other shielding materials and configurations.

Other popular lines include Elastomer Core Mesh, an optimum solution for combining excellent shielding performance with a high degree of elasticity, and Electro-Con oriented wire which provides EMI protection and seals against moisture or rain on cast or machined surfaces.

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