Metalized (Conductive) Fabrics

Whether used as architectural shielding for complete rooms, or as the shielding material in EMI gaskets, tapes and shield laminates, Laird’s Flectron™ fabric products combine highly-conductive metals with lightweight fabrics to provide a robust, cost-effective and easily supplied shielding system.

Laird uses a patented technology for applying thin metal coatings of copper or nickel to woven and non-woven fabrics.  As a result, Flectron metalized materials have the flexibility, conformability and breathability of a fabric with the electrical properties of a metal.  All of this means low-surface and through resistivity and excellent shielding effectiveness.  Packaged in continuous rolls, Flectron fabric can be readily cut to fit, with no special tooling.

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Flectron metallized fabric combines highly conductive metals with lightweight fabric to meet a...

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