Accuspeed Event Recorders

The Digital Event Recorder, when used in conjunction with the Accuspeed RCL locomotive remote control systems, is an invaluable tool for monitoring and analyzing operational data from Radio Remote Controlled locomotives. The Event Recorder monitors and records electrical analog, digital and pneumatic input data from the remote control system, and the locomotive which can be retrieved and downloaded to a computer through a wired or wireless serial link.


Items recorded include all commands from the Operator Control Unit (OCU), the remote control inputs and outputs as well as locomotive only functions.


The Event Recorder is FRA certified and provides 220 recording channels for 96 hours synchronizing information recorded by the Radio Control (RC) system with data from the locomotive. All this is generated in a single integrated report that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in incident reconstruction and liability protection. Most locomotive RC system event recorders capture much less information and are not synchronized with the locomotive. The package includes a sophisticated Data Analysis Software (DAS) for use on a PC which allows rapid search, chart-type data display and a wide variety of report customization.


With an optional cellular modem interface, the Event Recorder data can be retrieved and viewed from virtually anywhere a phone connection is available – a valuable resource for trouble shooting with Help Desk technicians. In addition, the wireless link allows “real time monitoring” of the RC system and locomotive from a long distance, allowing you to see activity as it is happening.

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