Laird tiny AC4490-1x1 radio modules put the power of wireless into the smallest, most cost-sensitive applications. Despite their small size, the modules can replace a mile of cable even in harsh industrial conditions. Using field-proven FHSS 900MHz technology that utilizes an unlicensed frequency band*, AC4490-1x1s reject interference, enable co-located system operation, and ensure data integrity. With the help of a unique transparent protocol (RF232), AC4490-1x1 integration is easy. OEMs simply solder the radio modules and antennas into place, then power-on. All frequency hopping, synchronization, and RF system data transmission/reception is performed by the radio module. The AC4490-1x1's standard TTL interface provides bi-directional communication in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. A number of on-the-fly control commands accommodate varying wireless applications.

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• Smallest form factor: one inch square

• Highest 900MHz data rate: 115.2 kbps

• Operates in -40°C to +85°C temp. range

• Easiest installation: protocol included

• Extremely low power for battery operation

• Range up to 1 mile


a) On-the-fly radio module configuration: Destination address

• RF transmit power

• Co-located servers

• RF channel

• Broadcast/addressed

b) Raw data or transmit/receive API

c) 9-bit serial interface mode

d) Long range mode, enables sensitivity control

e) A/D, D/A generic I/Os

f) Variable baud rate

g) RF packet size, timeout control

h) Onboard temperature sensor

i) Handshaking, CTS/RTS, full modem-mode available

j) In-range indicator

k) Error detection

• Onboard CRC

• Duplicate packet filtering

l) Data encryption standard (DES)

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