Thermoelectric Modules

Laird designs and manufactures thermoelectric modules (TEMs) that adhere to strict process control standards and pass/fail criteria, assuring our customers receive the best possible modules. Our extensive standard product portfolio covers a wide range of cooling capacities, temperature differentials, input power constraints and geometric footprints. Standard finishing options are available to accommodate alternate lead lengths, lapping thickness tolerances, and moisture protective sealants. Standard pre-tinning and solder constructions are available to accommodate solder-able mounting of the TEM to the heat exchanger, or processing of TEM through a reflow oven to solder the end assembly.


Since there are so many unique attributes that need to be ascertained for each application, often a customized TEM will yield a more optimal thermal solution. Laird offers strong engineering services with a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, thermal design and rapid prototyping. We also offer validation test services to meet unique compliance standards for each industry, such as Telcordia, MIL-STDs or unique standards specific to a medical, automotive or industrial account. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) applies for all custom TEM designs and validation testing.


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