Thermal Management

As engineers, you understand the critical importance of thermal management systems. You also understand that different applications have different needs, usually requiring custom-designed solutions. But you also know that those solutions need to be reliable, sustainable and deliverable on time and on budget.

By working with Laird, you are engaging with a global trusted partner with proven experience and expertise in creating innovative, active solutions to the most complex thermal management issues. With the broadest product line that comprises liquid cooling systems to recirculating chillers, thermoelectric assemblies to thin film thermoelectric modules, we have the scale, the production capabilities and the appetite to deliver what you need, when you need it, and at a price you can afford. 

Liquid Cooling Systems Temperature Controllers Thermal Materials
Thermoelectric Assemblies Thermoelectric Modules  

Tputty 508
0808A System Image

Laird Tputty™ 508 is a single part dispensable material designed with automation and...

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Tgard 5000NT1
0808A System Image

Thermally conductive electrically insulative material Tgard™ 5000NT1 is an excellent...

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Tlam SS HTD03
0808A System Image

Tlam SS HTD03 is a high temperature thermally conductive Printed Circuit Board (PCB)...

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