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Laird is the world-leader in the integration of multiple RF functionalities into compact form factors for use in vehicles.  Our product line offers the lowest form factor antennas with high-gain cellular performance, and built-in GPS antennas including Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) that deliver optimum performance.

Our diverse range of asset tracking modules is designed for professionally certified, installer-fitted antennas mounted on the roof, in the exterior trim or inside cars, trucks, and trailers.  Our products can be housed within instrument panels, beneath trim pieces or integrated into exterior features, indeed almost anywhere so that they remain unobtrusive and out of sight.

Some of our GPS products include receiver electronics and I/Os such as a USB interface.  Their integrated design, small size, and low cost makes them ideal for vehicle tracking markets that are focused on harsh vehicle environments.

Drawing on our experience in M2M wireless modules, we also design smart antennas with integrated cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth modems, GPS receivers, and vehicle networking.  All of these capabilities can be further integrated into M2M devices that add control electronics and firmware.

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Smart Antenna
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Laird Smart Antenna's combine antenna elements and radio receivers in the same robust...

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Track Platform
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Lairds Track Platformprovides a foundation for customized solutions in various markets...

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Our custom solutions give you a competitive edge.

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We can prototype new designs at incredible speed thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams.