Custom Design Shielding

Not every design can be ‘off the shelf’; sometimes you need something custom, and that’s why we will work with you from start to finish to create a solution quickly and efficiently that enables you to eliminate the hazards of EMI while meeting all of your other design criteria. We provide full in-house tool and die design and manufacturing capabilities including CAD, CAM and the high-precision tolerances of wire EDM. From initial concept, design and prototyping, through pre-production, automated packaging and final delivery, we have the experience to complete your project on time and within budget.


Customized BLS solutions are available using a broad range of technologies, including combination products with absorbers or thermal materials to solve specific design challenges.  Even more complex solutions are available with added welded contacts for ultra-low profile designs. We can also customize Drawn Can BLS designs to accommodate ultra-fast signal speeds and RF designs.  These designs provide additional isolation at higher frequencies by eliminating the gaps in the corners of traditional BLS.   Our design for manufacturability experience and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities help you optimize your designs.

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Custom Solutions


Our custom solutions give you a competitive edge.

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We can prototype new designs at incredible speed thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams.