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Laird’s thin film thermoelectric materials deliver the world’s smallest thermoelectric generator (eTEG) with the highest output power density. Optimized to provide power for high heat fluxes (>20 W/cm²), Laird's eTEG enables the convenient conversion of heat to electrical power in a very thin, lightweight form factor. Up to 20 times thinner than conventional bulk thermoelectrics, Laird’s thin-film thermoelectric materials utilise a thin, nanoscale material, addressing the market opportunities that standard bulk thermoelectric devices and other energy scavenging or energy reclamation systems cannot.

The thin-film eTEG can deliver electrical power generation in energy-limited locations. The eTEG is produced using a scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process, and is suitable for use in markets such as automotive, government and aerospace, industrial, medical and wireless sensor networks.

Despite its size, in low-grade thermal environments it generates many micro-watts of power – enough thermal energy conversion to power remote sensors and other distributed devices.

eTEG Series Thermobility Wireless Power Generator  

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