Form-in-Place Gaskets

Using our own in-house material scientists, we design Form-in-Place compounds to achieve excellent EMI gaskets in forms that are dispensable onto metal or plastic substrates.

EMI gaskets can be dispensed onto any conductive painted, plated, or metallic surface in an electronics enclosure that requires environmental sealing, has complex or rounded surfaces, or contains miniature devices requiring a precision gasket, thus protecting the enclosure against internally and externally radiated interference and environmental elements.

EMI gaskets save costs in the form of raw materials, labor, and assembly time.  They are as small as 0.4mm and, once applied to your product, open up critical packaging space for board-level components.  Room temperature curing gasket materials eliminate the need for costly heat curing systems because single-component compounds eliminate ingredient mixing, thus shortening production cycles.  Shielding effectiveness is high at 70-100 dB to 18 GHz.  The dispensing system supports high-volume production schedules with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of metal and plastic substrates.

With our comprehensive range of EMI sentry and Mold-in-place PCB shielding products, Laird can provide for all of your Form-in-place shielding needs.

EMI sentry range

Mold in place PCB shielding

EMI Sentry    

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One component, Low Density, Fast-curing Nickel/Graphite FIP paste with excellent...

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