Conductive Elastomers

Conductive foam offers unrivalled compression set performance while providing a relatively soft Compression Load Deflection (CLD) curve. 

Within this product category, our line of Electro-Seal conductive elastomers  deliver both environmental sealing and EMI shielding.  Compounds can be supplied in moulded or extruded shapes, sheet stock, custom-extruded or die-cut shapes to meet a wide variety of military and commercial applications. Electro-Seal conductive elastomers provide shielding effectiveness up to 120dB at 10GHz.

0808A System Image

ECE85A is a Silver-coated Glass filled silicone elastomer. This material can be Molded,...

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0808A System Image

NCE250 is a non-conductive silicone elastomer. This material can be extruded and co-...

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Microwave absorbers are used to solve a wide variety of problems such as internal cavity resonances, antenna pattern shaping, and high-frequency interference.

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