Ferrite Toroids

Laird provides a wide array of toroid and balun cores made using either nickel-zinc or manganese-zinc ferrite materials. Our ferrite toroids provide high-performance when wound and used as cores for transformers, inductors, or chokes.  We can optimize performance for your application size and frequency.  Initial permeabilities span from 125µi to 10,000µi and sizes range from 2.54mm (0.100”) to 36mm (1.47”). General application areas include signal transformers and common mode chokes, with our “66” range of toroids ideal for use in POE/POE+ LAN magnetics and wide-band transformers.

Two-hole balun cores offer a versatile, compact, and economical solution to a variety of RF challenges.  In addition to the traditional balanced-unbalanced impedance matching CATV transformer application, these parts can also be used as single and dual broadband transformer cores and for common mode and differential mode EMI suppression in such applications as power lines and detonation protection circuits. 

66 Toroid Series T0100-to-T0325 T0375-to-T1417

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