Ferrite Cable Cores

Our round, cylindrical, ribbon, flex, two hole balun and multi hole ferrite plate Cable Core EMI suppression ferrites provide a cost-effective means to reduce common and differential mode EMI.  These ferrite cable cores are most frequently used to suppress common mode EMI on the internal and external cable assemblies of electronic equipment.  By decreasing the levels of EMI radiated from internal cables, ferrite cable cores can reduce the cost and amount of overall shielding required to confine EMI within a product's enclosure.  They can also be employed in power cables that carry digital or analog signalling.

Our range includes a selection of split components for retrofit and post-assembly operations.  Similar in performance to the one-piece core designs, these split ferrite cable cores provide excellent differential and common mode EMI suppression on both flat and round cable assemblies.  Lightweight, inexpensive metal or plastic end-clips provide secure closure of the ferrite onto the cable.

Multi Hole Ferrite Plates for Connectors Ribbon and Flex Cable Cores Round and Cylindrical Cores
Two Hole Balun Cores    

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