Common Mode Chokes

Our ferrite common mode chokes are designed for power and data line EMI filtering where high current, small size or high frequency performance is required. We have the industry's only true monolithic common mode chokes, able to provide EMI suppression on conductors such as PC board traces (tracks) and high-speed input/output circuitry (including network and storage subsystems). 

Modern systems are frequently an interconnection of functional blocks and connections made by cables or wiring harnesses, presenting the opportunity for common mode current loops between devices where EMI can be a challenge.  Common mode chokes filter common mode EMI currents without causing signal degradation or de-rating under high currents. Stable common mode chokes allow most signals to pass unaffected, yet filter the noise (EMI) from circuits.

With products in this range including Ultra High Current and Common Mode Chip Beads and Wire Wound Power Common Mode Chokes, Laird has the solution for your technical challenges.

CAN-Bus Common Mode Chokes Common Mode Arrays - Power and Signal EMI Filtering Common Mode Chokes - High Current Power Line
Common Mode Chokes - High Speed Signal Filtering Common Mode Chokes - Low Frequency Power Filtering Common Mode Chokes - Signal Filtering
Common Mode Chokes - Ultra High Current Power Filtering Wire-Wound Power Common Mode Chokes  

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