Automotive Ferrites

As the use of sophisticated electronics in automobiles continues to grow, so does the issue of electromagnetic compatibility. In turn, this means that electronics designers must account for the radiation of high frequency interference (RFI) from internal and external sources.  Our soft ferrites offer the most effective EMI solutions available for low frequency, broadband, or high frequency automotive applications.

Products include common mode chokes optimized for CAN-Bus signal lines, multi-hole plates for connectors in control modules and cables, 2-hole baluns for airbag connectors or other critical 2-wire applications, and ferrite rods for spark plug connectors and DC Motor noise suppression. Balun cores are also used to cut down on EMI produced by airbag inflators. These cores provide reliable, cost effective options to meet the demanding requirements of automotive safety systems for signal integrity.

Automotive CAN-Bus Common Mode Chokes Automotive Multi-Hole Ferrite Plates for Connectors Ferrite Rods

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