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Laird's Automotive Innovations Driving Industry Advancements

11 Jun 2015

Laird's innovative solutions for the automotive industry, specifically the connected car, grabbed headlines in a global publication. 

EFYTimes reaches millions of people across the globe and is known for reporting about cutting-edge technologies. 

The publication ran an article regarding Laird's acceptance into the U.S. Department of Transportation's Affiliated Test Bed Program. 

The article states that, "Through this program Laird will take part in early phases of testing and support the transition of connected vehicle technology from research to deployment."

The article also quotes Laird's Senior Vice president of Telematics, Steve Brown as saying, "We are...

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Laird Antennas Capture International Attention From Media and Airline Passengers

02 Jun 2015

Global publisher, Diplay Plus, released a post in Korea saying that Laird antennas are improving the passenger experience at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. 

The article talks about how Laird antennas create a more reliable signal for the 15 million passengers every year utilizing 4G/ LTE communications as they travel through the airport. 

It also quotes Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Antenna Solutions for Laird, Monty Rohde as stating, "Multi-port functionality means fewer antennas are needed to provide excellent coverage and throughput because of their ability to transmit and receive cellular and...

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Laird’s New AA-480 Grabs Media Attention As It Improves Reliability of Cellular Coverage

27 May 2015
Laird’s new Air to Air outdoor cooler protects telecommunication battery cabinets and outdoor kiosks from temperature variations, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Laird’s new Air to Air  AA-480 outdoor cooler protects telecommunication battery cabinets and outdoor kiosks from temperature variations, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Power Systems Design, a global publication focused on the latest innovations and design news, recently published an article about this innovative new product which states, "Laird’s new AA-480 Series Outdoor Coolers protect (these) critical batteries by providing greater cooling power and increased reliability compared to other units currently on the market. And the AA-480 accomplishes this using less energy and taking up less space compared to similar units."...

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Laird’s Innovative Bluetooth Solution Wins 2015 ECN Impact Award

20 May 2015


Laird was featured in the wrap-up publication from the anual Electronic Design Show in Las Vegas. 

The winning design was for the BT900 series Bluetooth modules. The annual ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the products and services with the greatest impact on the electronic components industry. Laird’s BT900 series of Bluetooth modules was selected because it quickly, easily and affordably provides wireless freedom to devices across a range of industries.

Laird developed a proprietary programming language for the BT900 series called smartBASIC, which allows manufacturers of medical, industrial, and commercial equipment to quickly and easily...

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Laird Named as Key Company in Technology Growth Market

13 May 2015

A recent report regarding the "Thermal Materials Market" states that this market will grow at a CAGR of 11% over the next five years. That report also names Laird as a key player in the market. 

Laird is a global technology company providing components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity through wireless applications and antennae systems. 

The thermal business within Laird’s Performance materials Business Unit has been a technology leader for over 15 years, enabling growth far exceeding that of the industry. 

The global footprint of Laird’s thermal R&D and manufacturing allows the...

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Laird Featured as High Growth Tech Company

11 May 2015

An article titled "Laird wired for growth," writen for the financial publication, InvestorsChronicle, talks about how Laird is well positioned to grow as the demand for consumer electronics continues to "skyrocket."

The May 7th article says Laird is "investing heavily in building its leading position in exciting end markets..." According to the Investors Chronicle website, the publication has been offering investment advice for more than 150 years. 

The commentary comes just as Laird released its results for Q1 2015. 

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Laird Named Among Top 5 UK Tech Growth Prospects

20 Apr 2015

"Interactive Investor," a U.K. based investment site, identified Laird as one of the top 5 stocks set to "explode" with growth. 

The article mentions that in general, British based tech stocks have not been the focus of most investors, however Laird is part of an elite group in this category which has managed to increase its earnings per share in four of the last five years. 

The editor also says "looking ahead there is still great potential for price rises..." 

Laird is focused on being a trusted partner to its customers by delivering with innovations, reliable fulfillment, and speed. 

In a presentation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Laird's...

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Laird Featured on Highest Rated Newscast in Los Angeles Area

13 Apr 2015

50 underprivileged children in the Los Angeles California area were all smiles when they recieved a free bicycle complements of Laird. 

For many this was the first bike they have ever had. 

Laird managers spent several hours assembling the bicycles as part of the Global Management Conference. 

The story attracted the attention of ABC7 Eyewitness news, the highest rated television news station in Los Angeles. 

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Spanish Electronics Publication Recognizes Laird's Latest Engineered Thermal Solution

07 Apr 2015

The latest product from Laird's Engineered Thermal Solutions group is getting attention around the globe.

Madrid, Spain based '' is a growing publication for professionals in the technology industry. 

Editors there recently published an article about the new SR-54 bi-directional programmable controller for thermoelectric assemblies. The article recognizes that the built-in monitoring and control intelligence features "are critical to maximize uptime ...

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Innovative CoolZorb 400 Product Featured in EE Times

03 Apr 2015

Laird engineers created a dual-function material which helps protect sensitive electronics while enabling more compact designs. The product is impressing engineers in the media who are writing about it in well-respected publications like the E.E. Times.

Today as designers fight to fit more functionality into each circuit board, signal integrity is becoming more important than ever before. At the same time as devices become ever thinner, smaller, and more compact, space on circuit boards is difficult to come by.

The new CoolZorb 400 provides designers with much needed flexibility by improving signal integrity and temperature stability all from a single solution. As the...

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