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Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

11 Feb 2016
Laird Embedded Wireless Modules Inspire New IoT Innovations

Analysts are predicting there will be more than 11.6 billion connected devices across the globe by 2020. That's almost double the number in 2015. 

That's why companies everywhere are looking for ways to connect their products to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

That's why Wi, Wireless & RF Magazine recently asked Laird's Vice President of Business Development for Connectivity...

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Laird Industrial Wireless Technology Seen As Increasing Workplace Safety

27 Jan 2016
Laird's wireless industrial remote control and automation solutions can create a safer and more productive work place.

"Advances in wireless technology bring hardwired emergency-stop systems to a new level of safety to speed up response time, free operator constraints and expand applications," reads the subtitle of an article in The Journal, from Rockwell Automation, a leader in industrial automation and information products. 

The article discusses how emergency-stop, or e-stop, pushbuttons are a critical component to the safety of automation systems, but that traditional fixed position e-stop pushbuttons have some limitations which can be overcome with wireless technology. For example David Stagg, product manager for industrial remote control products, at Laird describes how not all...

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Laird Electromagnetic Interference Experts Published in Design News

06 Jan 2016
Laird Board Level Shield protects sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat.

As consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics continue to shrink, run faster, and have higher performance levels, EMI shielding, weight reduction, and heat dissipation will continue to challenge design engineers and OEMs across the country and around the globe and require innovative board-level shielding as well as close collaboration between design and manufacturing.

That was the topic a feature co-authored by two Laird experts in board level shielding. Paul Crotty, Director of Engineering and Technology for EMI Metals and Precision Metals Product Manager, Sean Honer, which discusses the growing demand for thinner, lighter, hybrid board level shields that protect...

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Laird's Industrial Remote Control Technology Lifting the Future of Industrial Crane Industry

17 Dec 2015
Laird Industrial Wireless Remote Controls enable safer more productive work environments

"Radio remote control technology has become an integral part of the material lifting sector," states an article published in Hoist Magazine. 

The article, published in December of 2015, discusses recent advancements in the field of crane operations and cites Laird as a leader in driving industry advancements. 

Laird's wireless industrial remote controls contribute to a safer and more productive workplace according to the article that quotes Laird Senior Vice President of Wireless Automated Control Solutions Rick Morse as saying, "we are seeing attitudes towards leveraging wireless e-Stop solutions changing, meaning operations are more open to the possibilities of wireless...

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Laird Wins PwC Annual 'Building Public Trust' Award

01 Dec 2015
Laird Wins PwC Annual 'Building Public Trust' Award

On December first Laird was awarded the "Building Public Trust Award for Executive Remuneration Reporting" for the FTSE 250.

This is an annual award ceremony hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP which recognises and celebrates the best reporting by UK listed companies and public sector bodies.

According to the judge's report, Laird consistently provides "detailed and clear remuneration reporting that clearly explains the decisions made by the Remuneration Committee, the business context and also the company’s wider all-employee remuneration arrangements. The Chairman’s letter includes an extensive but accessible discussion on the remuneration review undertaken during the...

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Laird Acquires Internet of Things Product Designer

24 Nov 2015
Laird Acquires Internet of Things Product Designer LS Research

Laird grabbed headlines across the financial world after acquiring Wisconsin USA based LS Research (LSR), a designer of integrated services and wireless products that improve speed to market and return on development investments. 

Yahoo Finance's UK based group wrote one of the articles saying, "LSR provides products and services into the commercial and light industrial markets, expanding Laird's reach into these sectors."  

The article quotes a Laird spokesperson as saying "Laird will be a strategic and complementary fit with our existing M2M business," and that LSR will extend "our reach, presence, and capabilities in the EIoT (Enterprise Internet of Things) markets in...

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Laird Opens New Revenue Streams For Venue Owners

12 Oct 2015
Laird's Infrastructure Antenna Systems enable a more connected world making new experiences and revenue streams possible at sports stadiums and concert venues world-wide.

The expert viewpoints of Adam Alevy, Laird's Vice President of Technology for the Infrastructure Antenna Systems group, are highlighted in an article published by Telecome Ramblings regarding "The Connected Stadium."

In it Alevy points out incremental sources of revenue for sports franchises and venue owners thanks to the flexibility offered by a robust wireless infrastructure. The article points out that everyting from advertising to in-seat-ordering can be made more dynamic and personalized to maximize the experience for the fan as well as the revenue stream for the venue. 

Laird's Infrastructure Antenna Systems enable this more connected world making these new...

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Laird Scores with Connected Stadium Vision

06 Oct 2015
Laird's Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and other technologies are highlighted in the Connected Stadium article published by RCR Wireless

Laird's continuing mission is to connect and protect electronics around the world. A sports arena filled with tens of thousands of smart phones, credit card terminals, and interactive screens fits this mission perfectly. 

Recently Laird's VP of Technology for the Infrastructure Antenna group was published in the globally recognized news outlet RCR Wireless. With an average monthly audience of over 300,000 viewers, RCR Wireless reaches engineers, consultants, and service providers around the world. 

In the article Alevy talks about the challenges associated with bringing reliable connectivity to an environment packed with wireless devices all competing for bandwidth. He also...

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Laird Stock Named Among 4 "Favorites" by Investing Website

09 Sep 2015
Laird is a global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission critical systems through wireless applications and antenna systems.

In a September 2015 article titled '4 Of My Favourite Stocks', the website "Interactive Investor" mentions Laird PLC as an "appealing income play" along with companies like AstraZeneca plc, and Mears Group plc. 

London based, "Interactive Investor" is an award-winning, online investment service for retail investors.

In this article, originally authored by US-based investment website "The Motely Fool", the author states that "in the long-run, high quality companies tend to deliver excellent share price performance." 

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Laird Grabs Industry Attention by Advancing DNA Replication Process

07 Sep 2015
Laird’s new Evaluation Kit enables faster and more reliable results for DNA replication processes.

Korea based technology news source "Display Plus" featured Laird's PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Cycler Evaluation Kit on it's website that is visited by thousands of readers each month. 

The feature says that Laird is "lowering the barriers-to-entry and increasing service differentiation for both manufacturers and solution providers of medical equipment" with the release of this product. 

Lairds PCR Cycler Evaluation Kit enables faster, more accurate results for the DNA replication process. This is a process often utilized when detecting or diagnosing hereditary diseases, during forensic analysis, and even paternity testing. 

Anders Kottenauer, Senior Vice...

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