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Laird Stock Named Among 4 "Favorites" by Investing Website

09 Sep 2015
Laird is a global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission critical systems through wireless applications and antenna systems.

In a September 2015 article titled '4 Of My Favourite Stocks', the website "Interactive Investor" mentions Laird PLC as an "appealing income play" along with companies like AstraZeneca plc, and Mears Group plc. 

London based, "Interactive Investor" is an award-winning, online investment service for retail investors.

In this article, originally authored by US-based investment website "The Motely Fool", the author states that "in the long-run, high quality companies tend to deliver excellent share price performance." 

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Laird Grabs Industry Attention by Advancing DNA Replication Process

07 Sep 2015
Laird’s new Evaluation Kit enables faster and more reliable results for DNA replication processes.

Korea based technology news source "Display Plus" featured Laird's PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Cycler Evaluation Kit on it's website that is visited by thousands of readers each month. 

The feature says that Laird is "lowering the barriers-to-entry and increasing service differentiation for both manufacturers and solution providers of medical equipment" with the release of this product. 

Lairds PCR Cycler Evaluation Kit enables faster, more accurate results for the DNA replication process. This is a process often utilized when detecting or diagnosing hereditary diseases, during forensic analysis, and even paternity testing. 

Anders Kottenauer, Senior Vice...

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Laird's New Public Safety Antennas Earn Global Audience

03 Sep 2015
Laird's in-building CMS public safety antennas can increase wireless connectivity and radio communication coverage for emergency responders

Thomson Reuters, the worlds largest international multimedia news agency, included Laird's latest public safety antennas in its global news feed reaching tens of millions of potential readers. 

The news mentions how Laird's Ceiling Mount Single-port (CMS) Public Safety Antennas offer industry leading frequency performance that ensures more reliable communications and greater connectivity for emergency responders.  

The post states "radio communications can be unreliable inside large and small  facilities, multi-floor and high-rise office buildings, apartment complexes and public venues" which can cause communications to be dropped. 

This lack of "reliable...

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Laird Featured as Industry Leader for Connected Vehicles

20 Jul 2015
DSRC Technology can connect vehicles and infrastructure creating a safer, more efficient road

The respected, U.K. based subscription news publication, Automotive World, published a contributed article by Laird automotive expert, Matt Van Dam. 

The article discusses the implications to safety and efficiency if all vehicles and roadway infrastructure were connected and able to share important information. 

Van Dam writes, "The challenge is that, network-connected cars and highways will operate in a far more complex radio frequency (RF) environment, which will require robust end-to-end infrastructure that enables immediate processing of life-...

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World Mining Magazine Features Laird Expert

06 Jul 2015
Laird Wireless Remote Controls improve safety and efficiency for industrial employees

The popular 'World Mining' magazine featured Laird's mining expert, Eric Brouillette in an article about underground connectivity. 

The article talks about how Laird products can help improve the safety and efficiency of workers above and below ground. 

"The best wireless solution," according to the article, "combines conventional two-way radio technology with high-speed data transmission. This allows mining management, superviosors, and mine workers to communicate by voice and data, but it also provides consistent, reliable signal strength above and...

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Laird's AA-230 Cooler Is Making Headlines Around the World

27 Jun 2015

The AA-230 cooler from Laird's Engineered Thermal Solutions group is getting global attention after the product launched in June.

Madrid, Spain based '' is a growing publication for professionals in the technology industry. 

The publication writes, "because of its innovative design, Laird’s new AA-230’s steady state construction requires less maintenance than standard compressor based air conditioners. It also creates energy savings by maintaining the appropriate temperature range using less energy than standard air-to-air...

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Laird's Automotive Innovations Driving Industry Advancements

11 Jun 2015

Laird's innovative solutions for the automotive industry, specifically the connected car, grabbed headlines in a global publication. 

EFYTimes reaches millions of people across the globe and is known for reporting about cutting-edge technologies. 

The publication ran an article regarding Laird's acceptance into the U.S. Department of Transportation's Affiliated Test Bed Program. 

The article states that, "Through this program Laird will take part in early phases of testing and support the transition of connected vehicle technology from research to deployment."

The article also quotes Laird's Senior Vice president of Telematics, Steve Brown as saying, "We are...

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Laird Antennas Capture International Attention From Media and Airline Passengers

02 Jun 2015

Global publisher, Diplay Plus, released a post in Korea saying that Laird antennas are improving the passenger experience at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. 

The article talks about how Laird antennas create a more reliable signal for the 15 million passengers every year utilizing 4G/ LTE communications as they travel through the airport. 

It also quotes Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Antenna Solutions for Laird, Monty Rohde as stating, "Multi-port functionality means fewer antennas are needed to provide excellent coverage and throughput because of their ability to transmit and receive cellular and...

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Laird’s New AA-480 Grabs Media Attention As It Improves Reliability of Cellular Coverage

27 May 2015
Laird’s new Air to Air outdoor cooler protects telecommunication battery cabinets and outdoor kiosks from temperature variations, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Laird’s new Air to Air  AA-480 outdoor cooler protects telecommunication battery cabinets and outdoor kiosks from temperature variations, ensuring maximum uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Power Systems Design, a global publication focused on the latest innovations and design news, recently published an article about this innovative new product which states, "Laird’s new AA-480 Series Outdoor Coolers protect (these) critical batteries by providing greater cooling power and increased reliability compared to other units currently on the market. And the AA-480 accomplishes this using less energy and taking up less space compared to similar units."...

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Laird’s Innovative Bluetooth Solution Wins 2015 ECN Impact Award

20 May 2015


Laird was featured in the wrap-up publication from the anual Electronic Design Show in Las Vegas. 

The winning design was for the BT900 series Bluetooth modules. The annual ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the products and services with the greatest impact on the electronic components industry. Laird’s BT900 series of Bluetooth modules was selected because it quickly, easily and affordably provides wireless freedom to devices across a range of industries.

Laird developed a proprietary programming language for the BT900 series called smartBASIC, which allows manufacturers of medical, industrial, and commercial equipment to quickly and easily...

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