Premium Power Generators that Yield Optimal Output Power, Small Form Factors and Long Life Operation

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures thermoelectric power generators (TEGs) which adhere to strict process control standards and pass/fail criteria, assuring our customers receive the best possible generators. Our standard product portfolio includes three types of embedded thin-film thermoelectric modules in the eTEG Series. Each product in the series offers a unique output power based on footprint availability. The power generating product portfolio also includes the Thermobility Series wireless power generators. In these products, standard heat exchangers are provided to absorb and dissipate heat and output power can be regulated to a specific DC voltage set point. Options are available to store energy harvested from heat into a battery or integrate a sensor to transmit communication via M2M.

Since there are many unique attributes that need to be ascertained for each power generating application, often the optimal solution will require a custom configuration. Laird Technologies offers strong engineering services with a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, power generating design and rapid prototyping. We also offer validation test services that meet unique compliance standards for a specific industry or account. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) applies for all custom power generating designs and validation testing.

Laird Technologies provides the knowledge, innovation, and resources to ensure exceptional performance and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your complete application solutions.


Wireless Power Generators

The WPG-1 is a self-contained thin film thermoelectric power generator that harvest waste heat and converts it to usable DC output power


eTEG Series Thin Film Energy Harvesters
eTEG-PG09-60x60  eTEG-PG24-60x60  eTEG-PG37-60x60 

The eTEG Series is a micro thermoelectric power generator that harvests waste heat and converts it to usable output DC power.


Datasheet - PG09,14,FO,0102,GG
Datasheet - PG24,48,F2,0202,GG 
Datasheet - PG37,72,F2,0203,GG 


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