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Laird is the world-leader in the integration of multiple RF and other functionalities into compact form factors for vehicles.  Our product line offers the lowest form factor antennas with high-gain cellular performance and built-in GPS antennas including Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs).

Our diverse line of asset tracking modules is designed for dealers and other professionally certified installer-fitted antennas that are mounted on the roof, in the exterior trim or inside cars, trucks, and trailers.  Provisions for concealment and non-visibility are typical in these applications through placement within instrument panels, beneath trim pieces or integrated with exterior features.

Laird's Quadband MicroBlade™ products provide similar industry-leading RF performance in packages that can be embedded in instrument panels, A-pillars, and elsewhere in vehicles to enable stealth capabilities for asset tracking, theft recovery, and fleet management.

Laird designs and manufactures some of the most sensitive GPS antenna products with state-of-the-art LNAs that outperform other solutions.  Some GPS products include receiver electronics and I/Os such as a USB interface.  This integrated design, small size, and low cost makes it an ideal discrete and customizable solution for most vehicle tracking markets that are focused on harsh vehicle environments.

Leveraging our experience in M2M wireless modules, Laird also designs smart antennas that integrate functionalities such as cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth modems, GPS receivers, and vehicle networking.  All these capabilities can be further integrated into M2M devices that add control electronics and firmware to provide the latest evolution in telematics systems.

Included in the M2M product offering is the Wireless Intelligent Telematics System (WiTS).  WiTS consists of a secure, wireless system that retrieves vehicle data and stores it on a local database using standard short-range wireless connectivity through WiFi (802.11) for wireless data transfer, rather than cellular networks (GPRS or CDMA).  Large quantities of data can be transferred with no network costs or cellular subscriptions, enabling complete vehicle data acquisition that supports almost any fleet management application.

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Statement of Compliance to EU WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive
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Asset Tracking Product Line - Internal Antennas
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Asset Tracking External Antenna - 1575MHz/GPS

Externally mountable with magnet or adhesive mounting options.




Asset Tracking External Antenna - Cell+GPS/Gain
Asset Tracking External Antenna - Cell + GPS / Gain 60x60 

Two dual-band designs cover major mobile communication frequencies.



Asset Tracking External Antenna - Cell + GPS / World 

Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - 1575 MHz/GPS

Compact and suited for stealth applications.




Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - 2.4Ghz/Lan

High-performance GPS antenna.




Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cell/GPS-Wedge

High-gain antenna for excellent satellite reception.




Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cell+GPS/Gain
ATIA Cell+GPS/Gain 60x60 

High-gain solution maximizes coverage area.




Asset Tracking Internal Antenna - Cellular/Blade

Slim flexible design for easy integration into automotive vehicles.




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