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A versatile radio controller for shunters. Advanced dual-processor electronics protected in an ergonomic and robust housing for demanding industrial environments.

  • High safety class through redundant hardware and software structure
  • Suited for applications requiring EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • System configuration via external TransKey (RFID)
  • Application-specific layout
  • Reverse-engraved front plate - extremely hard wearing for use in industrial environments
  • Housing made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate resin

The radio control system TH-LRC/LO is a safety remote control, which has been especially developed and manufactured for low speed shunting vehicles used at loading stations with low safety requirements compared to the safety requirements for shunting locomotives which can move freely in the shunting area. The TH-LRC/LO was not developed under the guidelines of EN 50239 and therefore can not be used for all applications in shunting.

The TH-LRC/LO transmitter is equipped with the proven dual-axis joystick, all operating elements are arranged to ensure a comfortable and safe one-hand operation.

The transmitter housing conforms to protection class IP65. System functions such as battery, transmitting and fault status are indicated via 3 LED. By default, the sender will be delivered with a powerful NiCd battery, the battery capacity is sufficient for 8 hours of continuous operation.

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TH-LCR/LO Datasheet 

Standard Model Key Features

  • 1 dual axis joystick 2 x 1-0-1 for throttle-/ brake commands
  • 9 additional momentary or maintained switches
  • 1 mushroom-head switch for stop-function
  • 1 key switch
  • 1 buzzer for acoustic warning signals

CanBus Receiver CCM12

CAN-bus radio remote control receiver for industrial vehicle and machine applications. Wireless gateway between communications bus on the vehicle or machine and a variety of radio remote control transmitter units.

  • CANopen Communication Profile CiA DS 301 V4.02
  • High safety-class through dual node hardware and software architecture
  • Operates in many radio frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Features 2 monitored safety relays
  • High-impact-resistant housing with protection class IP66

CAN Interface 

CAN format CAN 2.0A und CAN 2.0B
BUS speed 10, 20, 50, 125, 250, 500, 800 und 1000 kbps
Standard ISO 11898-2
optional support of SAE J1939
vehicle bus standard


theclo battery double pack 

Batteries, Double-Pack
2 rechargeable NiCD-batteries, 1.6 Ah

theclo charger 

With automatic processor controlled charging 24 V DC

theclo carrying bag  Carrying Bag
Made of durable Nylon with reflector strips and cushioned shoulder straps.


Operator vigilance device
The operator vigilance device can be selected via the transmitter software. It is an equivalent to the vigilance control system installed on the locomotive.

Unless the operator does not carry out actions on the transmitter at specific intervals of time (max. 30 seconds plus 7 seconds warning time) it is assumed that the operator is no longer controlling the locomotive with the necessary attention. In this case, the locomotive is brought to an immediate standstill by a rapid braking.

External transmitter antenna
External antennas can be required when the portable transmitter is operated at a fixed place, e.g. inside a control room of a loading station.

The transmitter can be designed in a way that the receiving signal is automatically switched from internal to external antenna when the transmitter is put in the cradle for the fixed operation.