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MKU™(Metal Keypad-U)

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Equipment operators agree that the CattronControl™ MetalKeypad-U (MKU™) Operator Control Unit (OCU/controller) is perfect for heavy industrial applications. The MKU™ is the first Radio Remote Control product to combine the robust design requirements of the North American market with international safety requirements. The heavy-duty ruggedness of the MKU™ is suited for cranes, railroad, and any other industrial applications where the operator can be moved to a safer, more efficient location.

The MKU™ gives the operators of heavy equipment the best of both worlds; a small hand-held controller with a tough, metal housing for durability. All components are protected by a thick-walled, epoxy-coated extruded aluminum case and rubberized absorbing end “bumpers.” Standard MKU™ OCUs have pre-defined configurations and are fitted with a TransKey™ for added safety. Any MKU™ OCU will run any decoder as long as the correct TransKey™ is used, thus minimizing the need for specific spare OCUs. In addition, all function identifiers can be customized to the operator’s liking. Total water and dust sealing makes them ideal for indoor/outdoor applications thus giving the operator a reliable and extremely durable controller. This allows minimal worry or downtime so you can maximize productivity.

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Key Features

  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments
  • Can be used to upgrade existing single- and dual-pressure keypad controllers
  • System configuration via removable contact-less RFID key (TransKey™)
  • Extremely durable housing made of extruded aluminum ergonomically designed with curved housing and rubber grips for comfortable handling
  • System status and low battery LED battery indicator with audible beep
  • Separate watertight power ON/OFF switch and pull-on/ push-off STOP switch protected by rubberized end-cap "bumpers"
  • Hoist select capability
  • Power on self-diagnostics
  • Conforms to EN954-1, Cat.3 and EN13849 Performance level d





Frequency ranges 335 MHz (< 1mW ERP)
418, 433, 447 MHz (< 10 mW ERP)
869 MHz (<5 mW ERP)
915 MHz (FCC part 15)
Transmission speed 4.8 to 20 kbits/s
Transmission power < 10 mW (within the allowable levels)
Receiver sensitivity -107 dBm
Modulation    FM
RF channel spacing 12.5 kHz; 25 kHz and others
Antenna Internal




Commands up to 5 dual step drives + STOP
Digital Circuitry Dual-processor technology
System addresses 24 bits = 16 million addresses
Energy Saving Mode automatic shutdown (configurable: 0–30 minutes)
Power supply

2 x 1.5V AAA batteries or
NiCd, 2.4 V / 1100 mAh
Battery life > 12 hours at 100% uninterrupted use




Protection class IP 65
Safety Standards EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d
EN ISO 13849-2



Physical Data 

Weight approx. 634g(1.6 pounds)
Dimensions 215 x 136 x 147 mm / 8.0" x 3.0" x 2.0" (L x W X H)
Housing Aluminum
standard colour silver and black
Opertating Temperature -20° to +55°C



Operation and Indication 


12 push buttons, 2-step
1 mushroom switch for STOP command
1 rotary selector switch (on/off)

TransKey System configuration, address and RF channel
Indication Status LED + 4 Multi-LEDs
Buzzer low voltage indication




Batteries 2 x recharageable batteries, NiCd 2.4 V / 1100 mAh
Battery Charger battery charger, incl adapter cradle

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Check with the factory for confirmation. 

Machine Control Units

ct24 Receiver LRC CT24 

  • Ranges from 17 to 32 command relays + 2 safety relays
  • System parameter and configuration setting via RFID transponder key (TransKey™) 
  • Rugged, industrial design enclosure with IP65 protection class
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Dim for 17 relay: 9.25” x 6.69” x 4.13” (235 x 170 x 105 mm)
  • Dim for 32 relay: 12.2” x 6.69” x 4.13” (310 x 170 x 105 mm)

ct24 Datasheet
ct24 6 Relays Datasheet 


MMCU-4  mmcu-4 

  • Up to 4 I/O cards for digital, analogue or industrial fieldbus signals
  • Various interface options for feed-back data
  • Safety-relays for commands available
  • Rugged, industrial design in a metal enclosure
  • High safety-class through redundant hardware and software architecture
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Application-specific solutions through hardware and software configuration
  • Compatible with several transmitter types and models

MMCU-4 Datasheet 



  • CANopen Communication Profile CiA DS 301 V4.02
  • High safety-class through dual node hardware and software architecture
  • Operates in many radio frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • With data feedback option back to the transmitter unit
  • Features 2 monitored safety relays
  • High-impact-resistant housing with protection class IP66
  • Compatible with several transmitter types and models

CCM12 Datasheet 


Changing the RF-Channel
In order to ensure interference-free operation of a radio control system it may be necessary to change the RF-channel locally.

Changing the RF-channel can become necessary due to interference or the fact that a specific RF-channel is already in use. A change of channel can be performed either by reprogramming the TransKey or by reprogramming the transmitter. Reprogramming of the transmitter is performed using the transmitter keypad and requires no additional equipment.

Tandem Operation
In the case of tandem operation the receivers can be controlled alternately either via one or two transmitters. One transmitter assumes responsibility for commands via an active request command.

Only by an active release command the receiver is given free and the other operator is able to have access to the receiver again. This option is the ideal soloution where heavy or long products have to be transported simulteaneously by tow cranes operating in tandem.