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Compact Class

The compact Excalibur is the entry model into the Laird Technologies ct24-class. Hard to believe that this device weighing only 300 grams can move loads weighing tons on cranes and grabbers almost as if they were toys. The Excalibur is not only very small; it also has state-of-the-art-technology. It sets new standards in terms of handling, operating safety and flexibility. And all that at a price which is really excellent value for money.

Hardly any other system of this size offers such a wide range of functions and capabilities. Two transmitter housing sizes are available: With 6 or 8 and 10 or 12 pushbuttons with excellent tactile feedback and an extremely long working life of more than 1 million switching cycles. The range of applications therefore covers everything from light overhead gantry cranes via tower cranes through to dual-hoist cranes or grabbers.

Thanks to the one-piece elastic mat with integrated pushbuttons the Excalibur also defies winds, weather and adverse conditions. It even operates at winter temperatures down to -20°. An integrated pressure element avoids condensation inside the housing, caused by temperature changes.

  • High safety-class through redundant hardware and software architecture
  • Suited for applications requiring
  • EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Dual-step pushbuttons with excellent tacticle feedback
  • Pushbuttons rated at greater than 1 million cycles
  • Compatible with a number of receiver units, featuring various interface options
  • System configuration via easy accessible TransKey

For the most different kind of applications the transmitter LRC-L1 can be combined with various receivers: ct24, MMCU-4, CCM12.

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Key Features

  • Sets standards in terms of ergonomics, operational safety and flexibility
  • Can be used worldwide thanks to its versatile configuration options
  • Applications from simple hoists, machine control or gate control through to large overhead travelling cranes with 2 trolleys and/or additional functions such as a grabber, a magnet etc.
  • For tandem and dual-transmitter operation (request & release)
  • Approvals and frequencies for many countries
  • Sophisticated and proven safety concept for complying with EN ISO 13849-1
  • Customer-specific programming possible
  • Can be matched with different receivers
  • Tandem and dual-transmitter operation available
  • One-piece elastic mat with integrated pushbuttons and shock protection
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing


Excalibur 6/8, 10/12 Button Datasheet
Excalibur Spare Parts List 


RF Characteristics 

Frequency range/power 335 MHz / (<1 mW ERP)
418, 433, 447 MHz / (<10 mW ERP) - Europe, Asia
869 MHz / (<5 mW ERP) - Europe
915 MHz / (FCC part 15) - USA 
Transmission speed 4.8 to 20 kbits/s
Transmission power < 10 mW (within the permitted limits)
Receiver sensitivity -107 dBm
Modulation FM
RF channel spacing 12.5 kHz; 25 kHz and others
Antenna Internal




Digital Circuitry Dual-processor technology
System addresses 24 bits = 16 million addresses
Addressing 16-bit, 65,535 unique addresses with 85 channels providing over 5 million variations
Power safe mode automatic shutdown (configurable: 0–30 minutes)
Power supply Rechargeable battery, NiMH, 3.6 V / 1500 mAh
Autonomy >12h at 100% uninterupted use



Applied Standards 

IP protection class IP 65
Safety Standards EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level d
EN ISO 13849-2



Mechanical Data 

Weight approx. 290(6-8) / approx. 350 g(10-12)
Dimensions 180 x 64 x 39 mm(6-8) / 235 x 64 x 39(10-12) (L x W X H)
Housing SB plastic, standard colour silver/red, integrated fall protection
Opertating Temperature -20° to +60°C



Operation and Indication 

Actuators ct24-ET/6 6 push buttons (2-step)
Actuators ct24-ET/8 8 push buttons (2-step)
Control elements ct24-ET/10 10 push buttons (2-step)
Control elements ct24-ET/12 12 push buttons (2-step)
TransKey System configuration, address and RF channel
Indication 5 Multi-LED, status, low voltage
Accoustic indication low voltage indication




Batteries 2 x rechargeable batteries, NiMH 3.6 V / 1500 mAh
Battery charger Processor-controlled charger incl. adapter cradle, changing system on the primary side for international use
Labelling Self-adhesive marking labels

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Check with the factory for confirmation. 



  • Ranges from 9 to 32 command relays + 2 safety relays (STOP)
  • High safety class through redundant hardware and software architecture
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Compatible with several transmitter types and models
  • Standard and application-specific output logic
  • Rugged, industrial design enclosure with IP65 protection class

ct24 Datasheet
ct24 6 Relays Datasheet 


MMCU-4  mmcu-4 

  • Up to 4 I/O cards for digital, analogue or industrial fieldbus signals
  • Various interface options for feed-back data
  • Safety-relays for commands available
  • Rugged, industrial design in a metal enclosure
  • High safety-class through redundant hardware and software architecture
  • Approvals and frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • Application-specific solutions through hardware and software configuration
  • Compatible with several transmitter types and models

MMCU-4 Datasheet 



  • CANopen Communication Profile CiA DS 301 V4.02
  • High safety-class through dual node hardware and software architecture
  • Operates in many radio frequencies for worldwide deployment
  • With data feedback option back to the transmitter unit
  • Features 2 monitored safety relays
  • High-impact-resistant housing with protection class IP66
  • Compatible with several transmitter types and models

CCM12 Datasheet 


Double Pack Batteries 

Batteries, Double-Pack
2 rechargeable NiMH-batteries, 3.6 V / 1.6 Ah

Charger Tray 

Charger Tray
for Excalibur batteries

Battery Charger Plug 

Battery-Charger PLG
Process controlled battery-charger with 230V AC input power, including adapter with primary-side switchover system for international use

Belt Strap 

Belt Strap
Robust nylon belt strap with safety clip for the transmitter


Changing the RF-Channel
In order to ensure interference-free operation of a radio control system it may be necessary to change the RF-channel locally.

Changing the RF-channel can become necessary due to interference or the fact that a specific RF-channel is already in use. A change of channel can be performed either by reprogramming the TransKey or by reprogramming the transmitter. Reprogramming of the transmitter is performed using the transmitter keypad and requires no additional equipment.

By re-registering the operator receives useful information necessary for his working procedures.

The large displays for cranes and machines become therefore, inapplicable, thus increasing the safety aspect of the operator`s work as his attention remains within his working field.

LEDs and displays show the operator all the information he needs. The display information can be programmed to suit the individual needs of the customer.

Talkback Displays
Various displays are available to show the talkback data. Up to 6 line text messages can be displayed on an illuminated 6x16 character display.

Tandem Operation
In the case of tandem operation the receivers can be controlled alternately either via one or two transmitters. One transmitter assumes responsibility for commands via an active request command.

Only by an active release command the receiver is given free and the other operator is able to have access to the receiver again. This option is the ideal soloution where heavy or long products have to be transported simulteaneously by tow cranes operating in tandem.

Pitch and Catch
In the case of a pitch and catch operation, the crane can be controlled alternatively via two transmitters. One transmitter assumes responsibility for commands via an active request command. Only by an active release command is the crane given free and the other operator is able to have access to the crane again.

This option is the soloution when different operators at various locations in the area and have to transport loads across large distances.