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Lithium-polymer Power Products

The continuous demand for thinner and lighter cellular phones has increased the need for smaller power products that still provide the same, if not more power capacities.

Laird Technologies’ lithium-polymer power product solutions offer batteries that are adaptable to a wide range of shapes and sizes. Made up of several identical secondary cells in parallel, lithium-polymer batters are available in “packs” to increase the total available power capacity depending on your needs. We offer Lithium-polymer batteries with power capacities ranging from 190mAh to 4700mAh.

Lithium-polymer products are composed of pouch cells, which have a flexible foil-like case as opposed to a rigid metal exterior. This allows lithium-polymer products to not only be lighter, but they are also able to come in a variety of shapes and sizes and easily lend themselves to the cellular phone industry as devices continue to become smaller and more compact.

We are able to provide cost-effective and high-performance power product technology by utilizing our manufacturing locations and design centers across the world. Using proprietary electrical testing software along with our engineering teams’ expertise in circuit testing, Laird Technologies provides comprehensive lithium-polymer power product solutions.

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