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This page provides access to Laird's Wi-Fi quick start guides and user guides, which are documents designed for administrators and users of Laird's Summit brand Wi-Fi  radios.

Complete documentation - including usage notes, release notes, and guides for special utilities - is available in the password-protected Wi-Fi Software Download Center. Access to the Wi-Fi Software Download Center is provided only to organizations that purchase directly from Laird Technologies. If you are not a direct customer and have questions about Laird's embedded Wi-Fi radios, then please contact the organization from which you purchased them or devices with our radios.

Quick Start Guide

Version 3.03 for Windows CE.NET and Windows Mobile 

Version 3.03 for Windows XP 

User's Guides

*NEW* Laird Connection Manager User's Guide 

 Summit Client Utility (SCU) End User's Guide Version 3.03 

Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Summit Software and Summit Brand Radios 

Laird Embedded Wireless Knowledge Center

For an encycopedia-style collection of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wireless related terms and definitions, click here.

White Papers

For white papers on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless related topics, click here.

Other Resources

Usage Notes for Version 3.03