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An Attractive Look with EMI Functionality

Laird Technologies produces complex decorative metal stampings.  A decorative metal is a precision metal found either on the exterior or interior of a handset device and has a primary purpose of providing a decorative or aesthetic aspect or differentiation to the customer’s end product offering cosmetic qualities, structural integrity, and in some cases additional EMI, mechanical, or other functionality.

A growing need to differentiate products in the marketplace requires use of various decorative technologies.  The need to add decorative metals to products is driven by this need to differentiate end products to personal taste and expectations.

Consumer products are becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate based on function and consumers are looking now at “how the product” looks as well.  Form and function must converge is a package that meets the tastes of the consumer to help win their business.

To help our customers address this need, Laird Technologies utilizes decorative metals technologies to offer our customers precision metals stamping both for the inside of their products and on the outside of their products as well.  In many cases, we can design a decorative component that serves additional functions such as mechanical part or EMI shield, reducing your total cost.

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