Custom Designed State-of-the-Art Solutions

Today's electronics pose many design challenges.  When designing a custom shielding solution, beginning in the earliest stages of the application design allows you to effectively eliminate EMI while meeting all specifications.

Laird Technologies' engineers work with you through all project phases.  From design, rapid prototyping, and pre-production through production and automated packaging, we have the experience to complete your project on time and within budget.

Customized BLS solutions are avaiable using every technology we offer, including multi-compartment with walls molded in with conductive elastomers to seal multiple circuit areas, EZ Peel™ lids which provide one-piece performance with removable lids for rework, and combination products with absorbers or thermal materials to solve special design challenges.  Even more complex solutions are avaiable with added welded contacts for ultra-low profile designs.

Laird Technologies also offers Drawn Can BLS custom designs which eliminate all gaps to deal with ultra-fast signal speeds and RF designs.  Laird Technologies' Drawn Cans provide additional isolation at higher frquencies by eliminating the gaps in the corners of traditional BLS.  Because they utilize smaller ground traces, Drawn Cans also conserve space on the PC board; and we offer EZ Peel™ lids, so rework is still possible.

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