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The Right Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Product for Every Application

Whether you need an EMI solution for a new mobile device, an EMI gasket, a soft ferrite signal line or cable solution, a vent panel; or your problem is unique, Laird is your best choice for every EMI solution.

An industry-leading EMI solutions provider, the company provides solutions with every available material and form factor.  From traditional Be-Cu finger gaskets to conductive elastomers or Fabric-over-Foam, we can meet your challenges.

Our design and manufacturing engineers, material scientists, and application specialists constantly invent and perfect new materials, processes, and products to solve EMI problems.  Based on our own formulations and materials manufacturing, our products outperform generic solutions absorbers, conductive foam, elastomer, Form-in-Place gaskets, conductive fabric and related products.

Laird is the world leader in innovative board-level solutions including the lowest-profile board level shields available, unique combination products, and signal line solutions such as ferrite chip beads with 0201 form factor.

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Shielding Effectiveness Calculator

This calculator uses material thickness, relative permeability, relative conductivity, and a user-defined pattern of apertures to estimate shielding effectiveness.
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Automotive EMI Shielding – Controlling Automotive Electronic Emissions and Susceptibility with Proper EMI Suppression Methods
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