The BT800 series of Class 1, USB HCI modules, and packaged USB Dongle, are Laird's first dual-mode Bluetoothv4.0 offerings, bringing support for Classic Bluetoothand BluetoothLow Energy (BLE) for operating system backed devices.

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The BT800 has a tiny footprint as small as 8.5 x 13mm, yet output power at 8dBm, making these modules ideal for applications where designers need both performance and minimum size. For maximum flexibility in systems integration, the modules are designed to support a full speed USB interface plus GPIO and additionally I2S and PCM audio interfaces.

These modules present a Bluetooth standard HCI interface and have native support for Windows and Linux Bluetooth software stacks. BT800 devices are fully qualified as a Bluetooth Subsystem. This allows designers to integrate their existing pre-approved Bluetooth Host and Profile subsystem stacks to gain a Bluetooth END product approval for their products.

The BT800 modules are engineered to provide for excellent RF performance with an integrated antenna and additional band pass filters to further reduce the regulatory and testing requirements for OEMs and ensures a hassle free development cycle. As an additional benefit of the BT800 modules, Laird has implemented CSR’s HID (Human Interface Device) Proxy Mode enabling out of the box HID connectivity for BLE pointing devices and / or BLE keyboard functionality, requiring zero host device software or configuration.

A fully featured, low-cost developer’s kit (DVK-BT800) is available for prototyping, debug and integration testing of the BT800 series modules and further reduces risk and time in development cycles.

• Bluetooth v4.0 - Dual mode

• Classic Bluetooth

• Bluetooth Low Energy

• Compact footprint

• Class 1 output – 8 dBm


• Industrial temperature range

• 64k EEPROM support for BLE HID Proxy

• Bluetooth SIG approvals

• FCC, IC, and CE approvals

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