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Custom-made Performance Critical Integration

Mechanically Integrated Antennas (MIA) incorporate the integration of the antenna with the structural mechanics.

At this level of integration, the smallest possible device volume can be achieved by tightly adapting antenna integration to industrial design of mobile devices and combining this with the integration of other electrical or electromechanical components (such as EMI shields, SIM card holders, connectors, RF switches and speakers) into a complete structural element of the device.

The benefits of fully integrating the antenna system with the mechanical design of a mobile device include lower component count, simplified assembly and logistics chain, improved reliability and better tolerance control of critical parameters. These designs can also increase the structural strength of the devic,e which is critical in today’s ever thinner profile devices.

Combined with Laird Technologies’ large volume production experience, each design can be optimized for lowest total cost, while reliability is further improved through the company’s unique, 100% in-line production testing.

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