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As an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, mobile devices need to be more compact, fashionable, and practical. They must meet the stringent requirements of customers, and also the demands on connectivity and data throughput from operators and end-users.

Known as a solutions provider, Laird Technologies' internal wireless device antennas feature wide bandwidth to enhance the performance and application of portable wireless devices, whether for single/dual band GSM solutions for entry-level devices in developing countries or for LTE or 4G in the new networks now being rolled out.

Laird Technologies has the solution for every industry standard in the marketplace with our embedded antennas. Some benefits include excellent RF performance, tailored solutions for specific needs, optimized designs for lowest total cost and multi-band/multi-mode cellular functionality with optional features such as GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN, FM radio, TV and more. The antenna solutions are available as stand-alone antennas, speaker modules, mechanically integrated antennas (MIAs) or visually integrated antennas (VIAs). Each solution has its application, and Laird Technologies is working with our customers to realize the best possible solution for each device. Integration of the antenna into structural or visual mechanics in turn offers possibilities for enhanced performance, improved logistics, as well as overall cost savings.

Laird Technologies applies a wide range of manufacturing technologies to support today’s and tomorrow’s antennas. The most common process for antenna manufacturing is flexfilm, which exists in several variants including the newly released ‘3D Flex’. Being a pioneer in this technology, Laird Technologies developed this flexfilm technology during the mid-1990s, and is still driving its development to this day.

As antennas are moving more towards true 3D shapes, Laird Technologies is investing heavily in 3D antenna manufacturing techniques, such as Laser Direct Structuring (LDS). Laird Technologies was one of the first antenna companies to engage in LDS, and have done so with with strong support. The company is also investing heavily in improved manufacturing, assembly solutions, and bringing brand new concepts to market. Keep checking back on these pages to follow our latest developments.

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